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1 OCLC # Title
2 ocm47008969  How to think like the world's greatest high-tech Titans Erika Brown.
3 ocm47009293  How to pick stocks like Warren Buffett profiting from the bargain hunting strategies of the world's greatest value investor / Timothy Vick.
4 ocm49569108  Handbook of online marketing research Joshua Grossnickle, Oliver Raskin.
5 ocm48138209  Value at risk the new benchmark for managing financial risk / Philippe Jorion.
6 ocm48138368  The Disney way fieldbook how to implement Walt Disney's vision of "Dream, believe, dare, do" in your own company / Bill Capodagli, Lynn Jackson.
7 ocm48138408  Women and the leadership Q the breakthrough system for achieving power and influence / Shoya Zichy ; with special contribution by Bonnie Kellen.
8 ocm47010863  Linguistics for L2 teachers Larry Andrews.
9 ocm47010893  Role transitions in organizational life an identity-based perspective / Blake E. Ashforth.
10 ocm48139007  Handbook of electric power calculations H. Wayne Beaty.
11 ocm48139672  E-learning strategies for delivering knowledge in the digital age / Marc J. Rosenberg.
12 ocm48138190  Wireless telecom FAQs Clint Smith.
13 ocm48138493  The handbook of fixed income securities Frank J. Fabozzi, editor.
14 ocm49569130  Training tough topics [edited by] Liz Winfeld.
15 ocm48139515  The Internet as a diverse community cultural, organizational, and political issues / Urs E. Gattiker.
16 ocm47009383  Constructions of literacy studies of teaching and learning in and out of secondary schools / edited by Elizabeth B. Moje and David G. O'Brien.
17 ocm48139704  Day trading on the edge a look-before-you-leap guide to extreme investing / Leslie N. Masonson.
18 ocm47010825  Bodies of meaning studies on language, labor, and liberation / David McNally.
19 ocm47008545  Attention! (how to interrupt yell, whisper, and touch consumers) / Sacharin, Ken.
20 ocm47008750  The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science. edited by W. Edward Craighead, Charles B. Nemeroff.
21 ocm48138313  Steal this computer book what they won't tell you about the internet / Wally Wang.
22 ocm49414737  Technical analysis from A to Z Steven B. Achelis.
23 ocm47009923  Imagery and text a dual coding theory of reading and writing / Mark Sadoski, Allan Paivio.
24 ocm49569203  Handbook of health psychology [edited by] Andrew Baum, Tracey A. Revenson, Jerome E. Singer.
25 ocm48139132  Assessment of language disorders in children Rebecca J. McCauley.
26 ocm47008706  Justice in the workplace from theory to practice. edited by Russell Cropanzano.
27 ocm48138335  Fundamentals of the options market by Michael S. Williams and Amy Hoffman.
28 ocm49569205  Standard & Poor's 500 guide Standard & Poor's.
29 ocm49569207  Standard & Poor's small cap 600 guide Standard & Poor's.
30 ocm48138812  Corporate portals revolutionizing information access to increase productivity and drive the bottom line / Heidi Collins.
31 ocm48139319  Handbook of sport psychology Robert Singer, Heather Hausenblas, Christopher Janelle, editors.
32 ocm49851602  Rolling bearing analysis by Tedric A. Harris.
33 ocm47010988  Fast alliances power your E-business / Larraine Segil.
34 ocm47011397  Remaining and becoming cultural crosscurrents in an Hispano school / Shelley Roberts.
35 ocm47008908  Images of schoolteachers in America Pamela Bolotin Joseph, Gail E. Burnaford, editors.
36 ocm48138957  How to find money online an Internet-based capital guide for entrepreneurs / Alan Joch.
37 ocm49414777  Precalculus a self-teaching guide / Steve Slavin & Ginny Crisonino.
38 ocm47011601  Breast health the natural way Deborah Mitchell and Deborah Gordon.
39 ocm47011636  Drawing the line how Mason and Dixon surveyed the most famous border in America / Edwin Danson.
40 ocm47011710  Menopause the natural way Molly Siple and Deborah Gordon.
41 ocm48139027  Sair Linux and GNU certification level I networking / Tobin Maginnis.
42 ocm48139059  WAP servlets professional developer's guide / John L. Cook, III.
43 ocm47008596  Fee only financial planning how to make it work for you / John E. Sestina.
44 ocm48139096  CPA examination review, 2001 accounting and reporting : taxation, managerial, governmental, and not-for-profit organizations / Patrick R. Delaney, Debra R. Hopkins.
45 ocm47008698  J.K. Lasser's taxes made easy for your home-based business the ultimate tax handbook for self-employed professional, consultants, and freelancers / Gary W. Carter.
46 ocm48139220  Wiley CPA examination review, 2001 business law and professional responsibilities / by Patrick R. Delaney, Debra Hopkins.
47 ocm49569241  IAS 2001 interpretation and application / Barry J. Epstein, Abbas Ali Mirza.
48 ocm47008791  On-premise catering by Patti J. Shock and John M. Stefanelli.
49 ocm47008912  The power 11 ways women gain unhealthy weight and how you can take charge of them / Sue Ellin Browder.
50 ocm47009398  The project manager's MBA how to translate project decisions into business success / Dennis J. Cohen, Robert J. Graham.
51 ocm49569244  Cosmetic surgery the cutting edge of commercial medicine in America / Deborah A. Sullivan.
52 ocm48139494  Women and borderline personality disorder symptoms and stories / Janet Wirth-Cauchon.
53 ocm47009509  Mastering virtual teams strategies, tools, and techniques that succeed / Deborah L. Duarte, Nancy Tennant Snyder.
54 ocm49414787  Sustaining distance training integrating learning technologies into the fabric of the enterprise / Zane L. Berge, editor.
55 ocm47009816  The 2001 annual. edited by Elaine Biech.
56 ocm48139706  Guide to long term care financial management Karen Stevenson Brown.
57 ocm47010301  Hospitality law managing legal issues in the hospitality industry / Stephen Barth ; consulting author, David K. Hayes.
58 ocm48139733  Extended surface heat transfer Allan D. Kraus, Abdul Aziz, James Welty.
59 ocm48139772  High performance manufacturing global perspectives / Roger G. Schroeder and Barbara B. Flynn, editors.
60 ocm47010475  Getting started in speaking, training, or seminar consulting Robert W. Bly.
61 ocm48139814  Successful restaurant design Regina S. Baraban, Joseph F. Durocher.
62 ocm49851610  Children's language. edited by Keith E. Nelson, Ayhan Aksu-Koc, Carolyn E. Johnson.
63 ocm49414797  A review of the scientific literature as it pertains to Gulf War illnesses, Lee H. Hilborne, Beatrice Alexandra Golomb.
64 ocm48138970  Design of experiments using the Taguchi approach 16 steps to product and process improvement / Ranjit K. Roy.
65 ocm47011821  The amateur astronomer edited by Shawn Carlson.
66 ocm49414799  The authentic heart an eightfold path to midlife love / John Amodeo.
67 ocm48139118  Project management for business professionals a comprehensive guide / edited by Joan Knutson.
68 ocm48139178  Enterprise Java with UML C.T. Arrington.
69 ocm48139206  Construction principles, materials, and methods / H. Leslie Simmons.
70 ocm48139245  Great feuds in medicine ten of the liveliest disputes ever / by Hal Hellman.
71 ocm48139539  One-to-one web marketing build a relationship marketing strategy one customer at a time / Cliff Allen, Deborah Kania, Beth Yaeckel.
72 ocm49569253  Strategic planning for project management using a project management maturity model Harold Kerzner.
73 ocm48139696  Practical environmental forensics process and case histories / Patrick J. Sullivan, Franklin J. Agardy, Richard K. Traub.
74 ocm48139735  Custom CGI scripting with Perl Kevin Hanegan.
75 ocm48139767  Mad about physics braintwisters, paradoxes, and curiosities / Christopher Jargodzki and Franklin Potter.
76 ocm48139806  Computational dynamics Ahmed A. Shabana.
77 ocm48139832  Java programming with CORBA advanced techniques for building distributed applications / Gerald Brose, Andreas Vogel, Keith Duddy.
78 ocm47008349  The power within the five disciplines of personal effectiveness / Allen Johnson.
79 ocm48139874  Modern project management successfully integrating project management knowledge areas and processes / Norman R. Howes.
80 ocm49569256  Plant breeding reviews. edited by Jules Janick.
81 ocm48138021  Horticultural reviews. edited by Jules Janick.
82 ocm48138060  Wiley CPA examination review 2001, business enterprises Patrick R. Delaney, Debra R. Hopkins.
83 ocm48138142  Our lives as Torah finding God in our own stories / Carol Ochs ; foreword by Lawrence Kushner.
84 ocm49414801  Elementary and secondary schools Bradford Perkins.
85 ocm48138201  Building type basics for museums Arthur Rosenblatt.
86 ocm49569259  Mission-based management an organizational development workbook, a companion to the award-winning book Mission-Based Management / by Peter C. Brinckerhoff.
87 ocm49414802  Risk management handbook for health care organizations American Society for Healthcare Risk Management ; Roberta Carroll, editor.
88 ocm48138357  Delivering Internet connections over cable breaking the access barrier / Mark Laubach, David Farber, Stephen Dukes.
89 ocm49414803  Scripting XML and WMI for Microsoft SQL server 2000 professional developer's guide / Tobias Martinsson.
90 ocm48138399  Starting and managing a nonprofit organization a legal guide / by Bruce R. Hopkins.
91 ocm48138432  E-Health, telehealth, and telemedicine a guide to start-up and success / Marlene M. Maheu, Pamela Whitten, Ace Allen.
92 ocm48138471  The new handbook of psychotherapy and counseling with men. a comprehensive guide to settings, problems, and treatment approaches / Gary R. Brooks, Glenn E. Good, editors.
93 ocm49414806  Change management the 5-step action kit / Colin Rye.
94 ocm48138741  Partnering in the learning marketspace Ann Hill Duin, Linda L. Baer, Doreen Starke-Meyerring.
95 ocm49569261  Conducting a successful fundraising program a comprehensive guide and resource / Kent E. Dove.
96 ocm49851613  How to write successful fundraising letters Mal Warwick.
97 ocm48138864  Hidden assets revolutionize your development program with a volunteer-driven approach / Diane L. Hodiak, John S. Ryan.
98 ocm49414809  At risk in America the health and health care needs of vulnerable populations in the United States / Lu Ann Aday.
99 ocm48138904  Planning special events James S. Armstrong.
100 ocm48138942  Give me that online religion Brenda E. Brasher.
101 ocm48139291  Beyond change management advanced strategies for today's transformational leaders / Dean Anderson, Linda S. Ackerman Anderson.
102 ocm48139626  Mediating dangerously the frontiers of conflict resolution / by Kenneth Cloke.
103 ocm49569262  Boys and girls learn differently a guide for teachers and parents / Michael Gurian and Patricia Henley with Terry Trueman.
104 ocm49569263  The nature of organizational leadership understanding the performance imperatives confronting today's leaders / Stephen J. Zaccaro, Richard J. Klimoski, editors ; foreword by Neal Schmitt.
105 ocm48139656  Lessons from the cyberspace classroom the realities of online teaching / Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt.
106 ocm48139695  Developing democratic character in the young Roger Soder, John I. Goodlad, Timothy J. McMannon, editors ; Institute for Educational Inquiry.
107 ocm48139808  The e-business workplace discovering the power of enterprise portals / [Thomas Anton ... [et al.]].
108 ocm49569265  The nonprofit handbook, edited by James M. Greenfield.
109 ocm49569266  The stock market course George A. Fontanills and Tom Gentile.
110 ocm49569267  The memory program how to prevent memory loss and enhance memory power / D.P. Devanand.
111 ocm49569269  Financial institutions, valuations, mergers, and acquisitions the fair value approach / Zabihollah Rezaee.
112 ocm48139898  The employee recruitment and retention handbook Diane Arthur.
113 ocm48139928  Designing and using organizational surveys a seven-step process / Allan H. Church, Janine Waclawski ; foreward by Allen I. Kraut.
114 ocm49569271  Handbook for the new health care manager practical strategies for the real world / Donald N. Lombardi.
115 ocm49569273  Changing the U.S. health care system key issues in health services, policy, and management / [edited by] Ronald M. Andersen, Thomas H. Rice, Gerald F. Kominski ; foreward by Abdelmonem A. Afifi.
116 ocm48139963  Gender equity or bust! on the road to campus leadership with women in higher education / [edited by] Mary Dee Wenniger, Mary Helen Conroy ; foreword by Lesley A. Diehl.
117 ocm48140001  Crossing over to Canaan the journey of new teachers in diverse classrooms / Gloria Ladson-Billings.
118 ocm48140049  Improving the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of not-for-profits conduction operational reviews / Rob Reider.
119 ocm48140060  Annual review of adult learning and literacy. edited by John Comings, Barbara Garner, Cristine Smith.
120 ocm49851624  Auditing and security AS/400, NT, Unix, networks, and disaster recovery plans / Yusufali F. Musaji.
121 ocm48138014  The essential Buffett timeless principles for the new economy / Robert G. Hagstrom.
122 ocm48138048  Team-spirited parenting 8 essential principles for parenting success / by Darlene Powell Hopson and Derek S. Hopson.
123 ocm49569276  The nonprofit handbook, edited by Tracy Daniel Connors.
124 ocm48138202  Site analysis linking program and concept in land planning and design / James A. LaGro, Jr.
125 ocm49414820  Cost accounting a comprehensive guide / Steven Bragg.
126 ocm48138276  Proven strategies in competitive intelligence lessons from the trenches / edited by John E. Prescott and Stephen H. Miller ; Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.
127 ocm49569280  Econometrics Franco Peracchi.
128 ocm49569283  Beyond the myths and magic of mentoring how to facilitate an effective mentoring process / Margo Murray.
129 ocm49569284  Building your direct mail program Gwyneth J. Lister.
130 ocm49851633  GSM switching, services and protocols Jorg Eberspacher, Hans-Jorg Vogel and Christian Bettstetter.
131 ocm49569286  Health issues in the black community Ronald L. Braithwaite, Sandra E. Taylor, editors.
132 ocm48138381  A new kind of Christian a tale of two friends on a spiritual journey / Brian D. McLaren.
133 ocm49414824  Strategic interviewing how to hire good people / Richaurd Camp, Mary E. Vielhaber, Jack L. Simonetti.
134 ocm49414825  The personality disorders treatment planner Neil R. Bockian, Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr.
135 ocm48138412  Nonprofit boards that work the end of one-size-fits-all governance / Maureen K. Robinson.
136 ocm49414827  Handbook of the psychology of women and gender edited by Rhoda K. Unger.
137 ocm48138484  Radical E from GE to Enron--lessons on how to rule the web / Joel Kurtzman and Glenn Rifkin.
138 ocm48138519  Clinician's guide to child custody evaluations Marc J. Ackerman.
139 ocm48138620  Get weird! 101 innovative ways to make your company a great place to work / John Putzier.
140 ocm49569287  The girls' guide to power and success Susan Wilson Solovic.
141 ocm48138651  The 108 skills of natural born leaders Warren Blank.
142 ocm48138690  Protecting your company's intellectual property a practical guide to trademarks, copyrights, patents & trade secrets / Deborah E. Bouchoux.
143 ocm49569290  Janice VanCleave's teaching the fun of science Janice VanCleave.
144 ocm48138717  Welch an American icon / by Janet Lowe.
145 ocm49851636  Quick arithmetic a self-teaching guide / Robert A. Carman, Marilyn J. Carman.
146 ocm48138818  Entrepreneurial marketing lessons from Wharton's pioneering MBA course / Leonard M. Lodish, Howard Lee Morgan, Amy Kallianpur.
147 ocm49414829  Self-coaching how to heal anxiety and depression / by Joseph J. Luciani.
148 ocm48138861  Online promotions winning strategies and tactics / Bill Carmody.
149 ocm49569297  Helping children cope with divorce Edward Teyber.
150 ocm49569298  Negotiating globally how to negotiate deals, resolve disputes, and make decisions across cultural boundaries / Jeanne M. Brett.
151 ocm49851641  Becoming parents how to strengthen your marriage as your family grows / Pamela L. Jordan, Scott M. Stanley, Howard J. Markman.
152 ocm50174674  Resolving conflicts at work a complete guide for everyone on the job / Kenneth Cloke, Joan Goldsmith.
153 ocm48138921  The change leader's roadmap how to navigate your organization's transformation / Linda S. Ackerman Anderson, Dean Anderson ; foreword by Daryl R. Conner.
154 ocm49414832  Finding your way in the consulting jungle a guidebook for organization development practitioners / Arthur M. Freedman, Richard E. Zackrison ; foreword by Richard Beckhard.
155 ocm49569300  People in crisis clinical and public health perspectives / Lee Ann Hoff.
156 ocm49569301  Leading with soul an uncommon journey of spirit / Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal.
157 ocm48139006  Getting started in tax consulting Gary W. Carter.
158 ocm49414833  3 clicks away advice from the trenches of eCommerce / Michael Drapkin, Jon Lowy, and Daniel Marovitz.
159 ocm49414834  Great feuds in history ten of the liveliest disputes ever / Colin Evans.
160 ocm49569302  Handbook of public water systems HDR Engineering, Inc.
161 ocm48139039  Resorts management and operation / Robert Christie Mill.
162 ocm48139067  How to get the best home loan W. Frazier Bell.
163 ocm49569312  Health issues in the Latino community Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, Carlos W. Molina, and Ruth Enid Zambrana, editors.
164 ocm49414844  An introductory guide to disease mapping Andrew B. Lawson, Fiona L.R. Williams.
165 ocm49569315  The secrets of word-of-mouth marketing how to trigger exponential sales through runaway word of mouth / by George Silverman.
166 ocm49414845  E-business best practices leveraging technology for business advantage / Stewart McKie.
167 ocm48137981  Inside Secrets to venture capital Brian E. Hill and Dee Power.
168 ocm48138015  Patent strategy the manager's guide to profiting from patent portfolios / Anthony L. Miele.
169 ocm49569316  TechVenture new rules on value and profit from Silicon Valley / Mohan Sawhney ... [et al.].
170 ocm49569318  High-speed networking a systematic approach to high-bandwidth low-latency communication / James P.G. Sterbenz and Joseph D. Touch ; with contributions from Julio Escobar, Rajesh Krishnan, Chunming Qiao ; technical editor A. Lyman Chapin.
171 ocm48138050  The book of risk by Dan Borge.
172 ocm49569320  Building B2B applications with XML a resource guide / Michael Fitzgerald.
173 ocm49569321  Visualizing your business let graphics tell the story / Keith Herrmann.
174 ocm49569323  Sold short uncovering deception in the markets / by Manuel Asensio.
175 ocm49414848  Accounting best practices Steven M. Bragg.
176 ocm49569324  East-West healing integrating Chinese and Western medicines for optimal health / Mary Loo and Jack Maguire.
177 ocm48138148  God, faith, and health exploring the spirituality-healing connection / Jeff Levin.
178 ocm48138174  J.K. Lasser's your winning retirement plan Henry K. Hebeler.
179 ocm49414851  The forward-focused organization visionary thinking and breakthrough leadership to create your company's future / Stephen C. Harper.
180 ocm48138361  Doing business tax-free perfectly legal techniques to reduce or eliminate your federal business taxes / Robert A. Cooke.
181 ocm48138394  How they achieved stories of personal achievement and business success / by Lucinda Watson ; edited by Joanne Parrent.
182 ocm48138433  Daring missions of World War II William B. Breuer.
183 ocm49851644  The peaceable kingdom building a company without factionalism, fiefdoms, fear and other staples of modern business / Stan Richards, with David Culp.
184 ocm48138463  Wharton on making decisions editors Stephen J. Hoch and Howard G. Kunreuther with Robert E. Gunther.
185 ocm48138676  Managing open source projects a Wiley tech brief / Jan Sandred.
186 ocm49569336  Energy management handbook by Wayne C. Turner.
187 ocm48139583  Open your own bed & breakfast Barbara Notarius, Gail Sforza Brewer.
188 ocm49851645  Getting started in options Michael C. Thomsett.
189 ocm49569337  Write the perfect book proposal 10 that sold and why / Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman.
190 ocm48139623  The risk management process business strategy and tactics / Christopher L. Culp.
191 ocm49414877  Litigation services handbook the role of the financial expert / edited by Roman L. Weil, Michael J. Wagner, Peter B. Frank.
192 ocm49569338  Pushing the digital frontier insights into the changing landscape of e-business / edited by Nirmal Pal & Judith M. Ray.
193 ocm49851646  Work naked eight essential principles for peak performance in the virtual workplace / by Cynthia C. Froggatt.
194 ocm49569339  Applied equity analysis stock valuation techniques for Wall Street professionals / by James R. English.
195 ocm49414879  How to make it big as a consultant William A. Cohen.
196 ocm49414880  Applying the Rasch model fundamental measurement in the human sciences / Trevor G. Bond, Christine M. Fox ; illustrations by Tami Schultz.
197 ocm48139727  Single-case and small-n experimental designs a practical guide to randomization tests / John B. Todman, Pat Dugard.
198 ocm48139764  Understanding statistical concepts using S-plus Randall E. Schumacker, Allen Akers.
199 ocm48139798  Teaching young children contexts for learning / Kristine L. Slentz, Suzanne L. Krogh.
200 ocm48139838  Early childhood development and its variations Kristine L. Slentz, Suzanne L. Krogh.
201 ocm48139871  Early childhood education yesterday, today, and tomorrow / Suzanne L. Krogh, Kristine L. Slentz.
202 ocm48139908  The early childhood curriculum Suzanne L. Krogh, Kristine L. Slentz.
203 ocm48139943  Community writing researching social issues through composition / Paul S. Collins.
204 ocm48139975  People and profits? the search for a link between a company's social and financial performance / Joshua Daniel Margolis, James Patrick Walsh.
205 ocm49414882  Literacy and motivation reading engagement in individuals and groups / edited by Ludo Verhoeven, Catherine E. Snow.
206 ocm48140009  Online communication linking technology, identity, and culture / Andrew F. Wood, Matthew J. Smith.
207 ocm48140035  Interwoven lives adolescent mothers and their children / Thomas L. Whitman ... [et al.] ; foreword by Sharon Landesman Ramey.
208 ocm48137950  Improving teamwork in organizations applications of resource management training / Eduardo Salas, Clint A. Bowers, Eleana Edens.
209 ocm48137998  Models of achievement. reflections of eminent women in psychology / edited by Agnes N. O'Connell.
210 ocm48138030  Social influences on ethical behavior in organizations edited by John M. Darley, David M. Messick, Tom R. Tyler.
211 ocm49414885  Path dependence and creation edited by Raghu Garud, Peter Karne.
212 ocm48138075  Bridging cultures between home and school a guide for teachers : with a special focus on immigrant Latino families / Elise Trumbull ... [et al.].
213 ocm48138109  The great psychotherapy debate models, methods, and findings / Bruce E. Wampold.
214 ocm49414887  Setting performance standards concepts, methods, and perspectives / edited by Gregory J. Cizek.
215 ocm48138144  Temperament in context edited by Theodore D. Wachs, Gedolph A. Kohnstamm.
216 ocm49414888  Growing up fast transitions to early adulthood of inner-city adolescent mothers / Bonnie J. Ross Leadbeater, Niobe Way.
217 ocm48138181  Psychological perspectives on early childhood education reframing dilemmas in research and practice / edited by Susan L. Golbeck.
218 ocm48138218  Research and global perspectives in learning disabilities essays in honor of William M. Cruickshank / edited by Daniel P. Hallahan, Barbara K. Keogh.
219 ocm48138263  The troubles of journalism a critical look at what's right and wrong with the press / William A. Hachten.
220 ocm49414889  New developments and techniques in structural equation modeling [edited] by George A. Marcoulides and Randall E. Schumacker.
221 ocm48138300  Mechanisms of cognitive development behavioral and neural perspectives / edited by James L. McClelland, Robert S. Siegler.
222 ocm48138350  Aging, communication, and health linking research and practice for successful aging / edited by Mary Lee Hummert, Jon F. Nussbaum.
223 ocm48138390  How people evaluate others in organizations edited by Manuel London.
224 ocm48138426  Designing for science implications from everyday, classroom, and professional settings / edited by Kevin Crowley, Christian D. Schunn, Takeshi Okada.
225 ocm48138474  Critical English for academic purposes theory, politics, and practice / Sarah Benesch.
226 ocm49569342  Preventing violence in schools a challenge to American democracy / Joan N. Burstyn ... [et al.].
227 ocm49414891  Cognitive social psychology the Princeton Symposium on the Legacy and Future of Social Cognition / edited by Gordon B. Moskowitz.
228 ocm48138819  The changing shape of nursing practice the role of nurses in the hospital division of labour / Davina Allen.
229 ocm49414898  Early modern Italy a social history / Christopher F. Black.
230 ocm48139675  Breakdown the facts about stress in teaching / John Cosgrove.
231 ocm48139753  The complete critical guide to Alexander Pope Paul Baines.
232 ocm48139252  Strategic information technology opportunities for competitive advantage / [edited by] Raymond Papp.
233 ocm48139352  Qualitative research in IS issues and trends / Eileen M. Trauth.
234 ocm48139412  Information technology evaluation methods and management [edited by] Wim Van Grembergen.
235 ocm48139447  Design and management of multimedia information systems opportunities and challenges / [edited by] Syed Mahbubur Rahman.
236 ocm48139477  Unified modeling language systems analysis, design and development issues / Keng Siau, Terry Halpin.
237 ocm49414906  Data mining and business intelligence a guide to productivity / Stephan Kudyba, Richard Hoptroff.
238 ocm48139608  Human computer interaction issues and challenges / Qiyang Chen [ed.].
239 ocm49414907  Telecommuting and virtual offices issues and opportunities / [edited by] Nancy J. Johnson.
240 ocm48139643  Our virtual world the transformation of work, play and life via technology / [edited by] Laku Chidambaram, Ilze Zigurs.
241 ocm48139787  Internet marketing research theory and practice / [edited by] Ook Lee.
242 ocm48139823  Developing quality complex database systems practices, techniques and technologies / Shirley A. Becker.
243 ocm48139879  Post-colonial transformation Bill Ashcroft.
244 ocm49414908  Text databases and document management theory and practice / Amita Goyal Chin [ed.].
245 ocm48137944  Truth, trust and medicine Jennifer Jackson.
246 ocm48138281  The language of conversation Francesca Pridham.
247 ocm48138180  Communism and its collapse Stephen White.
248 ocm48139177  Philosophy in classical India an introduction and analysis / Jonardon Ganeri.
249 ocm48139358  The biological basis for nursing clinical observations / William T. Blows.
250 ocm48139853  Critical approaches to fieldwork contemporary and historical archaeological practice / Gavin Lucas.
251 ocm48139981  The Church of England, 1688-1832 unity and accord / William Gibson.
252 ocm49569392  Making school count promoting urban student motivation and success / Karen Manheim Teel and Andrea DeBruin-Parecki.
253 ocm49414951  Foreign accent the ontogeny and phylogeny of second language phonology / Roy C. Major.
254 ocm48139336  Self-regulated learning and academic achievement theoretical perspectives / edited by Barry J. Zimmerman, Dale H. Schunk.
255 ocm48139416  Organization and management in the embrace of government by Jone L. Pearce.
256 ocm48139618  Edward Said Bill Ashcroft and Pal Ahluwalia.
257 ocm48139784  The First World War Ian Cawood and David McKinnon-Bell.
258 ocm48139982  Couples in conflict edited by Alan Booth, Ann C. Crouter, Mari Clements.
259 ocm49569398  Cognition and instruction twenty-five years of progress / edited by Sharon M. Carver, David Klahr.
260 ocm49569400  Family environment and intellectual functioning a life-span perspective / edited by Elena L. Grigorenko, Robert J. Sternberg.
261 ocm49414958  Teacher education and the cultural imagination autobiography, conversation, and narrative / by Susan Florio-Ruane with the assistance of Julie deTar.
262 ocm48137946  Critiquing free speech First Amendment theory and the challenge of interdisciplinarity / Matthew D. Bunker.
263 ocm50174675  Statistics for psychologists an intermediate course / Brian S. Everitt.
264 ocm49569401  The Nokia revolution the story of an extraordinary company that transformed an industry / Dan Steinbock.
265 ocm49569405  The shattered self the end of natural evolution / Pierre Baldi.
266 ocm49569406  Internet telephony edited by Lee W. McKnight, William Lehr, and David D. Clark.
267 ocm49414962  Global e-commerce strategies for small businesses Eduardo da Costa.
268 ocm49851656  The liberating power of symbols philosophical essays / Jeurgen Habermas ; translated by Peter Dews.
269 ocm49569408  A guide for the young economist William Thomson.
270 ocm48138158  American foundations an investigative history / Mark Dowie.
271 ocm49851657  Holding the line U.S. defense alternatives for the early 21st century / editor, Cindy Williams.
272 ocm49569411  Logic primer Colin Allen and Michael Hand.
273 ocm49414963  The MIT guide to teaching web site design Edward Barrett, Deborah A. Levinson, Suzana Lisanti.
274 ocm49569412  Bounded rationality the adaptive toolbox / edited by G. Gigerenzer and R. Selten.
275 ocm49569413  Social dynamics edited by Steven N. Durlauf and H. Peyton Young.
276 ocm49569416  Environmentalism unbound exploring new pathways for change / Robert Gottlieb.
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2547 ocm51224422  The skilled facilitator a comprehensive resource for consultants, facilitators, managers, trainers, and coaches / Roger Schwarz.
2548 ocm51209941  Emerging theories in health promotion practice and research strategies for improving public health / Ralph J. DiClemente, Richard A. Crosby, Michelle C. Kegler, editors ; foreword by Lawrence W. Green.
2549 ocm51099901  The official patient's sourcebook on Barrett's esophagus James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2550 ocm51268783  Accenture by the staff of Vault.
2551 ocm51481089  Principles and practices of unbiased stereology an introduction for bioscientists / Peter R. Mouton.
2552 ocm51209812  Practical project management tips, tactics, and tools / Harvey A. Levine.
2553 ocm51520532  Building a high morale workplace Anne Bruce.
2554 ocm51193119  UBS Warburg by the staff of Vault.
2555 ocm51268914  Deloitte & Touche by the staff of Vault.
2556 ocm51057942  The official patient's sourcebook on gestational diabetes James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors, editors.
2557 ocm51480767  The neuronal environment brain homeostasis in health and disease / edited by Wolfgang Walz.
2558 ocm51321342  Masculinity studies & feminist theory new directions / edited by Judith Kegan Gardiner.
2559 ocm51209774  The global etiquette guide to Mexico and Latin America everything you need to know for business and travel success / Dean Foster.
2560 ocm51329390  MPEG-4 facial animation the standard, implementation and applications / edited by Igor S. Pandzic and Robert Forchheimer.
2561 ocm51215310  Learning to listen, learning to teach the power of dialogue in educating adults / Jane Vella.
2562 ocm51207629  Crash cultures modernity, mediation and the material / edited by Jane Arthurs and Iain Grant.
2563 ocm51232076  The fast forward MBA pocket reference Paul A. Argenti.
2564 ocm51193113  Vault finance interviews practice guide David Montoya and the staff of Vault.
2565 ocm51328703  Mobile telecommunications protocols for data networks Anna Hac.
2566 ocm51480962  Civil War ironclads the U.S. Navy and industrial mobilization / William H. Roberts.
2567 ocm51098606  Of myth, life, and war in Plato's Republic Claudia Baracchi.
2568 ocm51287131  The dawn of human culture Richard G. Klein with Blake Edgar.
2569 ocm51311661  Princeton Management Consultants guide to your next job Niels H. Nielsen.
2570 ocm51004852  Digital video an introduction to MPEG-2 / Barry G. Haskell, Atul Puri, Arun N. Netravali.
2571 ocm51328499  The endless kingdom Milton's scriptural society / David Gay.
2572 ocm51321376  Modernity and culture from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean / edited by Leila Tarazi Fawaz and C.A. Bayly with the collaboration of Robert Ilbert.
2573 ocm51444538  Global business alliances theory and practice / Refik Culpan.
2574 ocm51065320  The 2002 official patient's sourcebook on kidney stones James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2575 ocm51231584  The democracy reader Sondra Myers, editor.
2576 ocm51099771  The official patient's sourcebook on Sjogren's syndrome James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2577 ocm51300082  The history of India John McLeod.
2578 ocm51214629  Study guide for Come into my trading room Alexander Elder.
2579 ocm51259600  200 best jobs for college graduates developed by Michael Farr and LaVerne L. Ludden ; with database work by Laurence Shatkin.
2580 ocm51160838  Fuzzy engineering expert systems with neural network applications Adedeji B. Badiru, John Y. Cheung.
2581 ocm51179195  Energy convergence the beginning of the multi-commodity market / Peter C. Fusaro.
2582 ocm51296954  Event marketing how to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions / Leonard H. Hoyle.
2583 ocm51253641  The official patient's sourcebook on cervical cancer James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2584 ocm51067187  The business meetings sourcebook a practical guide to better meetings and shared decision making / Eli Mina.
2585 ocm51453260  Shakespeare's domestic economies gender and property in early modern England / Natasha Korda.
2586 ocm51329406  Handheld usability Scott Weiss.
2587 ocm51066153  The official patient's sourcebook on pneumonia James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2588 ocm51504354  The case against assisted suicide for the right to end-of-life care / edited by Kathleen Foley and Herbert Hendin.
2589 ocm51445344  Vault guide to conquering corporate America for women and minorities Patricia Kao, Susan Tien and the staff of Vault.
2590 ocm51209937  The IOMA handbook of logistics and inventory management Bob Donath ... [et al.].
2591 ocm51169071  Healthy eating for life to prevent and treat cancer Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
2592 ocm51273587  Gay warriors a documentary history from the ancient world to the present / edited by B.R. Burg.
2593 ocm51329449  Chronic viral hepatitis diagnosis and therapeutics  / edited by Raymond S. Koff and George Y. Wu.
2594 ocm51209945  Paying for performance a guide to compensation management / Peter T. Chingos, editor and consultants from Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Inc.
2595 ocm51202570  Vault career guide to consulting Eric Chung, Jim Slepicka, and the staff of Vault.
2596 ocm51480759  Exceptional fossil preservation a unique view on the evolution of marine life / edited by David J. Bottjer ... [et al.].
2597 ocm51231960  Balanced scorecard step by step maximizing performance and maintaining results / Paul R. Niven.
2598 ocm51328709  Substance misuse in psychosis approaches to treatment and service delivery / edited by Hermine L. Graham ... [et al.].
2599 ocm51311720  Intimate violence attacks upon psychic interiority / Joseph Scalia.
2600 ocm51200620  Best resumes for college students and new grads Louise M. Kursmark.
2601 ocm51551119  Changing the way we manage change edited by Ronald R. Sims.
2602 ocm51103119  Derrida and Husserl the basic problem of phenomenology / Leonard Lawlor.
2603 ocm51306478  King of capital Sandy Weill and the making of Citigroup / Amey Stone and Michael Brewster.
2604 ocm51329409  Bipolar disorder edited by Mario Maj ... [et al.].
2605 ocm51065860  The 2002 official patient's sourcebook on hypoglycemia James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2606 ocm51209939  Creativity at work developing the right practices to make innovation happen / Jeff DeGraff and Katherine A. Lawrence.
2607 ocm51287033  What is death? a scientist looks at the cycle of life / Tyler Volk.
2608 ocm51209712  Troubleshooting campus networks practical analysis of Cisco and LAN protocols / Priscilla Oppenheimer, Joseph Bardwell.
2609 ocm51209609  Predict market swings with technical analysis Michael McDonald.
2610 ocm51113314  Principles of food, beverage, and labor cost controls Paul R. Dittmer.
2611 ocm51287151  Healthy eating for life for women Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
2612 ocm51306763  Six Sigma for managers Greg Brue.
2613 ocm51209800  High-performance Oracle proven methods for achieving optimum performance and availability / Geoff Ingram.
2614 ocm51065765  The 2002 official patient's sourcebook on glaucoma James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2615 ocm51224615  The leader's edge six creative competencies for navigating complex challenges / Charles J. Palus and David M. Horth.
2616 ocm51479965  Modern techniques in protein NMR edited by N. Rama Krishna and Lawrence J. Berliner.
2617 ocm51224680  Bad astronomy misconceptions and misuses revealed, from astrology to the moon landing 'hoax' / Philip C. Plait.
2618 ocm51106155  The official patient's sourcebook on celiac disease James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2619 ocm51209763  Classic golf hole design using the greatest holes as inspiration for modern course / Robert Muir Graves, Geoffrey Cornish.
2620 ocm51534260  Restorative justice prison as Hell or a chance for redemption? / Jennifer Furio.
2621 ocm51480748  The social dimensions of learning disabilities essays in honor of Tanis Bryan / edited by Bernice Y.L. Wong, Mavis Donahue.
2622 ocm51311678  Intellectual property damages guidelines and analysis / Mark A. Glick, Lara A. Reymann, Richard Hoffman.
2623 ocm51059512  The official patient's sourcebook on diverticular disease James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2624 ocm51067054  Building, leading, and managing strategic alliances how to work effectively and profitably with partner companies / Fred A. Kuglin with Jeff Hook.
2625 ocm51480760  Human services management organizational leadership in social work practice / David M. Austin.
2626 ocm51231955  Feminist perspectives in therapy empowering diverse women / Judith Worell and Pamela Remer.
2627 ocm51233424  The official patient's sourcebook on thoracic outlet syndrome James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2628 ocm51224714  How to create and manage a hedge fund a professional's guide / Stuart A. McCrary.
2629 ocm51065972  The 2002 official parent's sourcebook on Down syndrome James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2630 ocm51329439  Molecular biology of drug addiction edited by Rafael Maldonado.
2631 ocm51445342  The Cambridge translations of medieval philosophical texts. editor Robert Pasnau.
2632 ocm51215030  Creating campus community in search of Ernest Boyer's legacy / William M. McDonald and associates ; with foreword and afterword by Parker J. Palmer.
2633 ocm51389710  The global warming desk reference Bruce E. Johansen.
2634 ocm51445343  CliffsTestPrep ASVAB by Fred N. Grayson.
2635 ocm51103241  Getting to great principles of health care organization governance / Dennis D. Pointer, James E. Orlikoff.
2636 ocm51074186  A quantum approach to condensed matter physics Philip L. Taylor, Olle Heinonen.
2637 ocm51296868  Literature, partition and the nation-state culture and conflict in Ireland, Israel and Palestine / Joe Cleary.
2638 ocm51060935  Learning unplugged using mobile technologies for organizational training and performance improvement / Diane Gayeski.
2639 ocm51321382  Crossing the green line between the West Bank and Israel Avram S. Bornstein.
2640 ocm51103406  Evolving health the origins of illness and how the modern world is making us sick / Noel T. Boaz.
2641 ocm51231724  Liabilities, liquidity, and cash management balancing financial risks / Dimitris N. Chorafas.
2642 ocm51504415  Becoming Asian American second-generation Chinese and Korean American identities / Nazli Kibria.
2643 ocm51209701  Career choice and development Duane Brown and associates.
2644 ocm51329410  Principles and practice of pharmaceutical medicine Andrew J. Fletcher ... [et al., editors].
2645 ocm51070580  Didactical phenomenology of mathematical structures Hans Freudenthal.
2646 ocm51300089  Key events in African history a reference guide / Toyin Falola.
2647 ocm51113054  A Schnittke reader Alfred Schnittke ; edited by Alexander Ivashkin ; translated by John Goodliffe ; with a foreword by Mstislav Rostropovich.
2648 ocm51064784  The 2002 official patient's sourcebook on irritable bowel syndrome James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2649 ocm51306477  Strategic Six sigma best practices from the executive suite / Dick Smith and Jerry Blakeslee ; with Richard Koonce.
2650 ocm51296924  Situational prison control crime prevention in correctional institutions / Richard Wortley.
2651 ocm51113298  Fundamentals of gas dynamics Robert D. Zucker, Oscar Biblarz.
2652 ocm51306768  Clinical interviewing John Sommers-Flanagan and Rita Sommers-Flanagan.
2653 ocm51255229  The do-it-yourself lobotomy open your mind to greater creative thinking / Tom Monahan.
2654 ocm51268870  Booz Allen Hamilton by the staff of Vault.
2655 ocm51504361  Sexual revolution in early America Richard Godbeer.
2656 ocm51306759  The leadership secrets of Colin Powell Oren Harari.
2657 ocm51209940  Come into my trading room a complete guide to trading / Alexander Elder.
2658 ocm51328391  Sealed with blood war, sacrifice, and memory in Revolutionary America / Sarah J. Purcell.
2659 ocm51287239  Storage area network essentials a complete guide to understanding and implementing SANs / Richard Barker, Paul Massiglia.
2660 ocm51179192  Being the shopper understanding the buyer's choice / Phil Lempert.
2661 ocm51066094  The official patient's sourcebook on group A streptococcus infection James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2662 ocm51933200  Trauma, war, and violence public mental health in socio-cultural context / edited by Joop de Jong.
2663 ocm51933260  What counts as mathematics? technologies of power in adult and vocational education / by Gail E. Fitzsimons.
2664 ocm51938917  The power and limits of NGOs a critical look at building democracy in Eastern Europe and Eurasia / Sarah E. Mendelson and John K. Glenn, editors.
2665 ocm51937985  Social consequences of Internet use access, involvement, and interaction / James E. Katz and Ronald E. Rice.
2666 ocm51939067  Coaching across cultures new tools for leveraging national, corporate, and professional differences / Philippe Rosinski.
2667 ocm51938138  Life support the environment and human health / edited by Michael McCally.
2668 ocm51938193  Lifespan development of human memory edited by Peter Graf and Nobuo Ohta.
2669 ocm51938434  Imitation in animals and artifacts edited by Kerstin Dautenhahn and Chrystopher L. Nehaniv.
2670 ocm51938497  Classical general equilibrium theory Lionel W. McKenzie.
2671 ocm51938563  A ghost's memoir the making of Alfred P. Sloan's "My years with General Motors" / John McDonald.
2672 ocm51948082  Harvard business review on advances in strategy
2673 ocm51952786  Team Bush leadership lessons from the Bush White House / Donald F. Kettl.
2674 ocm51952744  A field of dreams independent writing programs and the future of composition studies / edited by Peggy O'Neill, Angela Crow, Larry W. Burton.
2675 ocm51977308  Classics and moderns in economics essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century economic thought. Peter Groenewegen.
2676 ocm51957986  Behavioral endocrinology edited by Jill B. Becker ... [et al.].
2677 ocm51959498  Greening the Americas NAFTA's lessons for hemispheric trade / edited by Carolyn L. Deere and Daniel C. Esty.
2678 ocm51959610  The asymmetrical brain edited by Kenneth Hugdahl and Richard J. Davidson.
2679 ocm51959570  The cognitive animal empirical and theoretical perspectives on animal cognition / edited by Marc Bekoff, Colin Allen, and Gordon M. Burghardt.
2680 ocm51959927  Garbage wars the struggle for environmental justice in Chicago / David Naguib Pellow.
2681 ocm51959878  Gene regulation and metabolism postgenomic computational approaches / edited by Julio Collado-Vides and Ralf Hofestadt.
2682 ocm51960246  Origins, imitation, conventions representation in the visual arts / James S. Ackerman.
2683 ocm51978231  Writing with Elbow edited by Pat Belanoff ... [et al.].
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2685 ocm51968804  Perceptual learning edited by Manfred Fahle and Tomaso Poggio.
2686 ocm51968831  Pricing the priceless a health care conundrum / Joseph P. Newhouse.
2687 ocm51969141  Strategies for electronic commerce and the Internet Henry C. Lucas, Jr.
2688 ocm51969487  Spectral evidence the photography of trauma / Ulrich Baer.
2689 ocm51969522  Reload rethinking women + cyberculture / edited by Mary Flanagan and Austin Booth.
2690 ocm51972779  Foundations in social neuroscience edited by John T. Cacioppo ... [et al.].
2691 ocm51979317  RT-PCR protocols edited by Joe O'Connell.
2692 ocm51979343  Transgenic mouse methods and protocols / edited by Marten H. Hofker, Jan van Deursen.
2693 ocm51978854  The ballad of Baby Doe "I shall walk beside my love" / Duane A. Smith with John Moriarty.
2694 ocm51987840  The official patient's sourcebook on chagas disease James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2695 ocm52033923  Information technologies and global politics the changing scope of power and governance / edited by James N. Rosenau and J.P. Singh.
2696 ocm51991376  Jesuit science and the republic of letters edited by Mordechai Feingold.
2697 ocm51994491  Current topics in computational molecular biology edited by Tao Jiang, Ying Xu, Michael Q. Zhang.
2698 ocm52000844  The Oryx resource guide to El Nino and La Nina by Joseph S. D'Aleo with Pamela G. Grube.
2699 ocm52004439  The official patient's sourcebook on swimmer's itch James N. Parker and Philip M. Parker, editors.
2700 ocm52000880  What genes can't do Lenny Moss.
2701 ocm51955503  The Raman effect a unified treatment of the theory of Raman scattering by molecules / Derek A. Long.
2702 ocm52052904  Optical metrology Kjell J. Gasvik.
2703 ocm52052983  Ethernet networks design, implementation, operation, management / Gilbert Held.
2704 ocm52043295  78 important questions every leader should ask and answer Chris Clarke-Epstein.
2705 ocm52043345  Debugging the 9 indispensable rules for finding even the most elusive software and hardware problems / David J. Agans.
2706 ocm52043374  DoCoMo Japan's wireless tsunami : how one mobile telecom created a new market and became a global force / John Beck and Mitchell Wade.
2707 ocm52057890  Before and beyond EMU historical lessons and future prospects / edited by Patrick Crowley.
2708 ocm52069575  Community participation and geographic information systems edited by William J. Craig, Trevor M. Harris and Daniel Weiner.
2709 ocm52069572  Classics and moderns in economics. essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century economic thought / Peter Groenewegen.
2710 ocm52034420  The mathematical theory of cosmic strings cosmic strings in the wire approximation / Malcolm R. Anderson.
2711 ocm52034482  The galactic black hole lectures on general relativity and astrophysics / edited by Heino Falcke and Friedrich W. Hehl.
2712 ocm52035898  The responsive public library how to develop and market a winning collection / Sharon L. Baker and Karen L. Wallace.
2713 ocm52042578  The world of work through children's literature an integrated approach / Carol M. Butzow, John W. Butzow ; illustrated by Rhett E. Kennedy.
2714 ocm52043750  The art and science of documentation management Graziella Tonfoni with Lakhmi Jain.
2715 ocm52042666  Classic readers theatre for young adults [adapted by] Suzanne I. Barchers, Jennifer L. Kroll.
2716 ocm52044629  Andre Malraux an age of oppression (Le Temps du mepris) / Andre Malraux ; translated by Roberta A.E. Newnham.
2717 ocm52043893  Being human the search for order / Sean O Nuallain.
2718 ocm52044611  Computers and art edited by Stuart Mealing.
2719 ocm52044989  Media, monarchy and power Neil Blain and Hugh O'Donnell.
2720 ocm52037558  Bulletin board power bridges to lifelong learning / Karen Hawthorne and Jane E. Gibson ; illustrated by Jane E. Gibson.
2721 ocm52037577  Creating cyber libraries an instructional guide for school library media specialists / Kathleen W. Craver.
2722 ocm52037573  Character education a book guide for teachers, librarians, and parents / Sharron L. McElmeel.
2723 ocm52037650  More hot links linking literature with the middle school curriculum / Cora Wright.
2724 ocm52037638  Center stage library programs that inspire middle school patrons / Patricia Potter Wilson and Roger Leslie.
2725 ocm52041698  Science experiments index for young people Mary Anne Pilger.
2726 ocm52041664  Multimedia projects in education designing, producing, and assessing / Karen S. Ivers, Ann E. Barron.
2727 ocm52042309  Introduction to technical services G. Edward Evans, Sheila S. Intner, Jean Weihs.
2728 ocm52042288  The social sciences a cross-disciplinary guide to selected sources / general editor Nancy L. Herron.
2729 ocm52042266  Libraries in the information age an introduction and career exploration / Denise K. Fourie, David R. Dowell.
2730 ocm52042336  United States government information policies and sources / Peter Hernon ... [et al.].
2731 ocm52052230  Guide to electric power generation A.J. Pansini, K.D. Smalling.
2732 ocm52052387  New technologies for energy efficiency by Michael F. Hordeski.
2733 ocm52079218  Fair play in sport a moral norm system / Sigmund Loland.
2734 ocm52053026  Imports, exports, and jobs what does trade mean for employment and job loss? / Lori G. Kletzer.
2735 ocm52084492  A history of Scotland Rosalind Mitchison.
2736 ocm52053062  Helping working families the earned income tax credit / Saul D. Hoffman, Laurence S. Seidman.
2737 ocm51991157  Children and nature psychological, sociocultural, and evolutionary investigations / edited by Peter H. Kahn, Jr. and Stephen R. Kellert.
2738 ocm51958016  Silent spill the organization of an industrial crisis / Thomas D. Beamish.
2739 ocm51991161  Crisis on campus confronting academic misconduct / Wilfried Decoo with a contribution by Jozef Colpaert.
2740 ocm51958033  Great ideas in computer science with Java Alan W. Biermann and Dietolf Ramm.
2741 ocm51991164  American economic policy in the 1990s editors, Jeffrey Frankel, Peter Orszag.
2742 ocm51958041  The MIT guide to science and engineering communication James G. Paradis and Muriel L. Zimmerman.
2743 ocm51958091  The communications toolkit how to build and regulate any communications business / P.H. Longstaff.
2744 ocm51958105  The love of nature and the end of the world the unspoken dimensions of environmental concern / Shierry Weber Nicholsen.
2745 ocm51991187  Cognitive modeling edited by Thad A. Polk and Colleen M. Seifert.
2746 ocm51958199  Confronting consumption edited by Thomas Princen, Michael Maniates, and Ken Conca.
2747 ocm51958257  Distributed work edited by Pamela Hinds and Sara Kiesler.
2748 ocm51958214  Foundations of object-oriented languages types and semantics / Kim B. Bruce.
2749 ocm51958338  Types and programming languages Benjamin C. Pierce.
2750 ocm51991199  Java precisely Peter Sestoft.
2751 ocm51958441  The illusion of conscious will Daniel M. Wegner.
2752 ocm52051368  Learners' experiences of immersion education case studies of French and Chinese / Michele de Courcy.
2753 ocm52096093  The language of postcolonial literatures an introduction / Ismail S. Talib.
2754 ocm52079138  Inside Al Qaeda global network of terror / Rohan Gunaratna.
2755 ocm52124841  Promoting assessment as learning improving the learning process / Ruth Dann.
2756 ocm52122192  Operation Gatekeeper the rise of the "illegal alien" and the making of the U.S.-Mexico boundary / Joseph Nevins.
2757 ocm52112313  Michel Foucault Barry Smart.
2758 ocm52051454  The world in your head a gestalt view of the mechanism of conscious experience / Steven Lehar.
2759 ocm52051426  Questionnaires in second language research construction, administration, and processing / Zoltan Dornyei.
2760 ocm52051618  Ordinal measurement in the behavioral sciences Norman Cliff, John A. Keats.
2761 ocm52051490  Time and media markets edited by Alan B. Albarran, Angel Arrese.
2762 ocm52051667  The rhetoric of risk technical documentation in hazardous environments / Beverly Sauer.
2763 ocm52051702  The psychology of evaluation affective processes in cognition and emotion / edited by Jochen Musch, Karl Christoph Klauer.
2764 ocm52051934  The dynamics of persuasion communication and attitudes in the 21st century / Richard M. Perloff.
2765 ocm52051959  Teaching and learning in a multilingual school choices, risks, and dilemmas / Tara Goldstein.
2766 ocm52052087  Studies in language and social interaction edited by Phillip J. Glenn, Curtis D. LeBaron, Jenny Mandelbaum.
2767 ocm52085733  What does the world want from America? international perspectives on U.S. foreign policy / edited by Alexander T.J. Lennon.
2768 ocm52052131  The renaissance of American Indian higher education capturing the dream / edited by Maenette Kapeahiokalani Padeken AhNee-Benham, Wayne J. Stein.
2769 ocm52085740  Information arts intersections of art, science, and technology / Stephen Wilson.
2770 ocm52095019  Elements of molecular neurobiology C.U.M. Smith.
2771 ocm52095052  Glow discharge plasmas in analytical spectroscopy edited by R. Kenneth Marcus and Jose A.C. Broekaert.
2772 ocm52094726  Mobile messaging technologies and services SMS, EMS and MMS / Gwenael Le Bodic.
2773 ocm52094935  Patch clamping an introductory guide to patch clamp electrophysiology / Areles Molleman.
2774 ocm52094513  Strategic planning for information systems John Ward and Joe Peppard.
2775 ocm52094617  Towards the semantic web ontology-driven knowledge management / edited by John Davies, Dieter Fensel, and Frank van Harmelen.
2776 ocm52092802  Surgical critical care vivas Mazyar Kanani.
2777 ocm52095192  State profiles the population and economy of each U.S. state / editor Helmut F. Wendel ; associate editors, Sohair M. Abu-Aish, Katherine A. DeBrandt.
2778 ocm52128277  College attrition at American research universities comparative case studies / Joseph C. Hermanowicz.
2779 ocm52130454  Color of rape gender and race in television's public spheres / Sujata Moorti.
2780 ocm52122921  Sexual orientation and psychoanalysis sexual science and clinical practice / Richard C. Friedman, Jennifer I. Downey.
2781 ocm52123336  History at the limit of world-history Ranajit Guha.
2782 ocm52123393  Active social capital tracing the roots of development and democracy / Anirudh Krishna.
2783 ocm52127191  Don't spend your raise and 59 other money rules you can't afford to break / Dara Duguay.
2784 ocm52128553  The guide to Internet job searching Margaret Riley Dikel, Frances E. Roehm ; [Public Library Association].
2785 ocm52128596  Opportunities in chemistry careers John H. Woodburn ; foreword by John Hazlett.
2786 ocm52128633  Opportunities in physician assistant careers Terence J. Sacks ; foreword by Ann L. Elderkin.
2787 ocm52128776  Making divorce easier on your child 50 effective ways to help children adjust / Nicholas Long and Rex Forehand.
2788 ocm52128913  Budgeting for managers Sid Kemp, Eric Dunbar.
2789 ocm52128829  Fearless interviewing how to win the job by communicating with confidence / Marky Stein.
2790 ocm52128960  Easing the teasing helping your child cope with name-calling, ridicule, and verbal bullying / Judy S. Freedman.
2791 ocm52129240  BEA WebLogic 7 server administration Ali Akbar, Keyur Shah.

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