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1 Study Number 5238          
Delivering Financial Services in the Home, 2002-2004          
Leyshon, A.          
Interview ID Interviewee Interview Summary Date of Interview No of Pages Text File Name
7 01: Firm 1: Interview with 1.1 Firm Summary of company activities before and after take-over; policies and customers; structure of company. 6/25/2002 5 int01
8 02: Firm 1: Interview with 1.2 Firm Sales and marketing activities and products; decline in home service; mergers and acquisitions; regulations; brand image and re-invention; generational mobility; de-regulation; Government support. 5/30/2002 8 int02
9 03: Firm 1: interview with 1.3 Firm Traditional and currents ways of selling. 11/15/2002 2 int03
10 04: Firm 1: Interview with 1.4 Firm Recent changes in IB; system and process changes; benefits of remaining in IB; canvassing; financial awareness; new technology and field staff; tailoring business to next generation; firm's image. 6/27/2002 9 int04
11 05: Firm 1: Interview with 5.1 Firm Introduction of the electronic round book; staffing levels; using and updating ERB's; ERB's and staff redundancies; negatives of technology; taking on another firm; stopping IB; collectors versus pay points; profile of policies and cost effectiveness. 6/27/2002 10 int05
12 06: Firm 2: Interview with 2.1 Firm Primary delivery systems; training for new technology; impact of regulations on IB; geography of employees; financial literacy. 10/4/2002 6 int06
13 07: Firm 2: Interview with 2.2 Firm Core customers and policies; life insurance; customer care; IB and OB business; simple advice process. 11/6/2002 5 int07
14 08: Firm 2: Observation session with agents Observations from 3 Visits to Customers by the Sales Consultant Terry Visit One - Mr and Mrs B: both of them are buying a funeral plan from Terry and paying in full; mentions sister interested in taking out policy; cashing in endowment; selling life cover to other family members; illness within the family.  Visit Two - Mark: selling life cover to Mark who is a diabetic; house insurance and savings products; health problems resulting in an increase in premiums or decrease in sum; selling policies to under eighteens. Visit Three - Kev and Haley: selling life insurance to both (term assurance cover); previous life cover policies taken out; discusses marriage and children; runs through reasons for differences in premium price for husband and wife; goes through health checks; discusses term of policy and policy details. 12/3/2002 46 int08
15 09: Firm 3: Interview with 3.1 Sales Consultant Changes in the market and policies taken out; regulations and training for staff; financial responsibility; product development; educative role of sales staff; customer profile; delivery system. 6/18/2002 10 int09
16 34: Firm 4: Interview with 4.7 Training and Development, Contact Centre, In-house Solicitor Training and Development: measuring attitudes and attributes of agents; psychometric testing, self-effectiveness questionnaire and learning style; training and support; fieldwork with another agent; working hours; personal safety equipment; 13 week programme and seminars; agents and subcontracting; holiday cover; combating literacy and increasing financial knowledge.  Contact Centre: customers personal details; financial stability; accept or decline loans; operators and their calls; operator hours, salary and length of service; training and upskilling.  In-house Solicitor: debtor/creditor and debtor/creditor/supplier credit; procedures for issuing loans; age limit for borrowing; right to cancel loan agreement; customer contracts; firm's trust in agents and patterns of transactions; credit cards, mail shots and junk mail. ~ 28 int10
17 35: Firm 5: interview with 5.1 Branch Manager Branch staff; training; monitoring; technology; customers; products; risk assessment; retail accounts; credit with other companies; customer relationship with collectors; amounts borrowed and reasons for borrowing; interest and retail goods; multiple non-payments at one address; default rates. 5/13/2003 12 int11
18 36: Firm 6: Interview with 6.1 Head of Sales Change in management; changing behaviours; who are sub-prime customers; exploitation in the sub-prime market; sub-prime matrix; post-completion counselling; capping and stress testing. 2/13/2003 12 int12
19 37: Firm 6: Interview with 6.2 Credit Manager Automated decisioning; history of move into sub-prime market; target customers; income confirmed or self-certification; geographical profile; loan-to-value profile; average loan size; level of adverse credit; employment type; loan type, average age and summary; introduction to risk management; lending criteria; provisioning; reviews; early warning indicators; emergence of arrears; collection procedures; compliance; how the service is tailored to the needs of the 'a-typical customer'; post-completion counselling service; payment step reductions; packager restrictions; product range; dedicated processing; summary; communication system linking lender, intermediary and end user. 2/11/2003 9 int13
20 14: Interview with customer (missed focus group Customer Economic activity on estate; drugs and robbery; illegal lending; bank accounts and finance. ~ 6 int14
21 38: Firm 6: Interview with 6.3 Product Manager Specialist products to encapsulate the degree of risk; main competitors; intermediaries; self-certification mortgages; demographics and discrimination; missed mortgage payments; interest rates; mortgage regulation; embarrassment for customers being labelled sub-prime; changes in attitude to sub-prime customers; company's evolvement into sub-prime market; reservations and risk moving into sub-prime; product features and ways of delivery; interactive website for brokers. ~ 14 int15
22 39: Firm 6: Interview with 6.4 ~ Structure and activities of company; rationale for entering the sub-prime market; customers and non discrimination; targeting their market; managing risk, credit scoring and credit rating. ~ 2 int16
23 40: Firm 6: Interview with 6.5 Team Leader Credit Department Ways in which credit department works and interacts with intermediaries; making the transition to sub-prime; processing applications; automated processing. 2/11/2003 2 int17
24 18: Firm 7: Visits with agent 7.1 Agent Calls to customers throughout the day; reasons for borrowing; agent's safety and working hours; interest on loans; determining who would be a non-payer; sharing risk; borrowing beyond their means; disability and carers; multi-agency; weekly payments. ~ 32 int18
25 19: Firm 7: Visits with agent 7.2 Agent Details of visits made to customers throughout the day. ~ 4 int19
26 20: Firm 7: visits with manager 7.3 Manager Client agent relationship; details of calls made to clients throughout the day; defaulters; ways of dealing with late payment; differences in the way male and female agents approach clients; bad debtors are either written off or given to a debt collecting agency; clients recommending a friend; establishing whether a client will be a good or bad risk; instant and credit control loans; dealing with difficult customers ~ 13 int20
27 21: Firm 8: Interview with 8.1 Credit Checks Agent Invitations to new customers; personal information needed from client to agree loan; other debts; bank accounts; loan amount for new customers; rebates; debtors and debt collecting agencies; false loans by agents; security checks; payment books; ethnic minority agent and client recruitment; leafleting and segmentation; no clients in high-rise flats. ~ 10 int21
28 22: Firm 8: Interview with 8.2 Branch Manager Details of company's staffing levels; recruitment of agents; area covered by agents; credit check and application process for clients. ~ 6 int22
29 23: Firm 8: Visits with agent 8.3 Agent Calls made throughout the day by the agent; agents employment background; details of customers; credit checks and minimum income; financial advice; procedures for customers who do no pay; different approaches to paying accounts; renewal loans; back calls; genuine financial difficulties; customer ethnicity; pregnancy and returning to work for agent; childcare options; different rounds; different approach by male and female agents. ~ 20 int23
30 24: Firm 8: Visits with agent 8.4 Agent Calls made throughout the day by the agent; customer's background; customer's comprehension of the terms and conditions of the loan; unable to secure bank loans; 'club man'; time taken to secure a loan; high rise flats; ethnic minority customers; bad debtors; recording payments; relationship with customers; financial difficulties and ways of dealing with it; safety issue for the agent; drugs and crime; renewal loans; selling goods to get new customers; explaining terms and conditions of the loans; following good customers when they move; payment books; approach used with new customers. ~ 21 int24
31 25: Firm 8: Visits with manager 8.5 Manager Visits Customers in Arrears Details of calls made to customers in arrears; procedures for chasing customers in arrears; background of manager; different approach to paying between older and younger generations; new customers and follow-up call from manager; dealing with customers where agents have no success; sharing information with agents and managers from different loan companies; visiting high rise flats; selling technique, HP and finance; ethnic minority customers; understanding the service charge and terms and conditions of the loans; assessing a customers income; agent client relationship. ~ 19 int25
32 26: National Organisation 1: Interview with NO1 ~ The Post Office and direct debits; access for basic financial services; household debt and credit card availability; dependency and choice; savings stamps through supermarkets and levels of trust; financial exclusion; credit unions and regulations; basic bank account versus current account; savings gateway; Child Trust Fund account; risk control. 7/21/2003 12 int26
33 27: Firm 9:  Telephone interview with 9.1 Firm (telephone interview) Distribution of life policies through home collected credit companies; cost effectiveness for companies; distributing products through the Post Office. 7/15/2003 7 int27
34 28: Firm 4:  Interview with 4.1 Area Manager Details of products being sold; loans (amount and purpose); financial advice; sub-prime market; customer agent loyalty; staff training; customers and bank accounts; reasons for using loan companies; client confidentiality and sharing information between companies; safety of agents; building a relationship with the community; new legislation. ~ 14 int28
35 29: Firm 4:  Interview with 4.2 Branch Manager Training for agents; assessing risk; customers and bank accounts; customers with several debts; arrears statistics; photo canvassing; agent's commission; persistency rates; procedure for dealing with arrears; Government rate capping; removing agent contact; most common premium. 2/27/2003 13 int29
36 30: Firm 4: Interview with 4.3 Agent Details about job and customers; word of mouth business; procedure for taking out a loan; clients' other debts; sharing information with other companies' agents; dealing with bad payers; clients claiming benefits and working; lending to older people; assessing financial position; agent's earnings; loan reissues. 1/23/2003 7 int30
37 31: Firm 4: Interview with 4.4 ~ Background of Firm and agents; industrial branch companies; control over amount of customers on agent's book; communication with agents; gender of agents and their safety; agents and locality of business; rich knowledge of customer base; credit scoring; managing risk; relationship with regulators; product design. ~ 9 int31
38 32: Firm 4: Observation session with 4.5 Agent Rachel: details of visits made to customers throughout the day; relationship with customers; diversity of customers. Carole: details of round, older clientele and hours worked; details of calls made to customers throughout the day; lending to elderly customers; reasons for using home credit loans rather than bank loans; paying by cheque; agent carrying cash; high rise flats; ways of establishing a good new customer. 2/21/2003 11 int32
39 33: Firm 4: Interview with 4.6 Management/ Head of Systems Delivery/ Head of Field Operations and Management (C, J & M): details of agenda for the day; run through of the research project.  (N): outlines the IT system and its use; clerical role; paper based accounts; time gaps between collecting money and updating system; updating accounts on time; high volume of processing of low value transactions; system reactionary to agents actions.  (S, C & M): procedures for dealing with bad payers; credit scoring; universal bank accounts and its effect on home credit companies; generational gap in savings attitude.  (S, C & M): overview of database; analysis of customers; direct mailing; bank accounts. 1/13/2003 22 int33
40 10: Focus Group 1: 9 Participants on a Housing Estate Managing money; bank services; door to door insurance; home collected credit companies; credit company advertising; financial services on the housing estate; savings and bank accounts; paying for funerals. 11/18/2002 12 fg01
41 11: Focus Group 2 7 Participants from 3 Lunch clubs and 1 of the Organisers Managing money; financial firms used; savings products; inter-generational factors; financial information and advice from insurance man; credit and loans; banks versus hire purchase; consolidation loans; paying for funeral with home collection service. 10/30/2002 14 fg02
42 12:  Focus Group 3: 8 Participants Managing money; bank accounts and insurance; Post Office use; door-to-door insurance; savings and insurance; illegal lending; credit companies; financial services on the housing estate; getting a bank loan; blacklisting; social fund; information about financial services; Post Office; paying for funeral. 26/112002 25 fg03
43 13:  Focus Group 4 7 Participants of Young Parents' Group Home collected credit companies operating locally; relationships with agents; concerns that payments are not being recorded – agents defrauding them; use the companies for setting up home, buying clothes and furniture, Christmas, cars; any financial information given; difficulties with payments; how borrowing compares with others; cost of setting up a bank account, not being able to have a bank account if you are on the social; advantages and disadvantages of home collected credit. 5/16/2003 26 fg04
44 15:  Focus Group 5 ~ Customers' experiences with door-to-door firms offering high street vouchers; ways of approaching customers; disclosing pay back fees; alternative loan options; getting into arrears; credit company sales training; non-disclosure of loan information by agents; reasons for borrowing money; best and worst things about credit companies; customers would like more information about loan before signing loan agreement; credit from multiple companies; targeting single  people or families; taking out loans without a partner’s or family’s knowledge. ~ 21 fg05
45 16: Focus Group 6 3 Local Mothers How local people manage their finances; managing bank accounts; any experience of credit companies; catalogues and vouchers; identity fraud; main services used; old type agents and service; ways of saving money; catalogue charges; problems getting a loan; getting credit from banks; credit culture; banking facilities; benefits paid into bank account or Post Office; information provided about a loan; saving for their funerals; credit union; knowing your options. ~ 22 fg06
46 17: Focus Group 7 Widowed Pensioners Belonging to a Community Centre Financial arrangements and services for families in area; decline in agents collecting from the door; new ways of paying for insurance; attitude to borrowing instead of saving; group savings through the Post Office; saving for funeral; no need for additional information or services; their family’s relationship with insurance man. ~ 15 fg07

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