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Douglas Reay is a genuinely innovative and experienced programmer in
a range of languages. With a proven background as an exceptionally
productive programmer, Douglas is a highly organised person who
integrates well with a team, fitting his ideas into the flow of work
and always ensuring he delivers on time and on specification.


Languages (years that was prime language)
. Main Programming: Java (3), Python (3), Perl (3), C (1)
. Non-Programming: HTML (10), SQL (8), XML (5), UML (1)
. Other: Bash, LISP, Fortran, Matlab M, LPC, XSLT, VRML, PL/SQL
. OSs:Unix (Sun, Linux, FreeBSD), Windows (95 to XP)
. DBs:Oracle 8i, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL
. Other: Matlab, Installshield, Apache, Tomcat, PGP, Radius, WebDAV
. Domains: Academic, Internet, Automotive, Finance, Medical, Gaming
. Worked with: CERN, Channel 4, Body Shop, BCS, Ford, Glaxo


* A quick learner with breadth as well as depth of knowledge
* A highly motivated self starter
* A good communicator both verbally and in writing
* Able to identify, analyse and resolve complex problems
* Positive, reliable and always constructive team-player


2004 Project Fairdice
* I originated, planned, developed, tested, administrated and supported an
open source project: http://fairdice.sourceforge.net/
* This was coded in C, and involved tcp/ip, protocols and cryptography

2003 Cmed Ltd.
� I worked as part of a team on projects ranging from encryption to GUIs,
using C, Python, Glade, GTK2, and Debian on clinical trials software.
� Used the full Extreme Programming methodology,
including pair programming and test first.
� I successfully integrated a biometric fingerprint scanner into an
application, creating the GUIs and the underlying code in under 1 week.

2000 to 2002 The MathWorks
� The Powertrain Unified Modelling Environment (PUME) application was
written as a consultancy project for Ford Motor Company, who used it
for new car design.
� I refactored a 500k line java program to have better object oriented
seperation, allowing the switch from file based storage to XML and
database (both Oracle 8i and Microsoft SQL Server).
� The new version was distributed and platform independant.
� Liaised & consulted with the end users at Ford and people from
Oracle's UK office to provide a tailored and optimized solution.
� Throughout the rework my team kept the code usable, providing
continual user support and regular releases, documenting everything
to the standard required by ISO 9000 audits.

1998 to 1999 Scientia Knowledge Computing
� Scientia produces timetabling software for universities storing the
data in Oracle via a component named the SDB (Scientia DataBase).
� Designed and implemented a web-based build system in Python for the
SDB that allowed the correct variant to be compiled on all platforms
and tested against all other Scienta applications that got built
against it, integrating source control, release management and
licensing policy.
� Implemented a cryptographic database link from spec, in LISP.

1997 to 1998 Internet Property Services
� Wrote the website and backend, based on my Perl system, for a
multi-estate agent property selling business.

1997 Xerox PARC
� Context Based Information Systems (CBIS) are a research group based
in the Cambridge office of Xerox PARC (now RXRCC now XERC).
� Was in charge of designing and implementing the software and processes
necessary to install, maintain, monitor, debug, upgrade and test a
complex system of custom software on dozens of desktop computers,
laptops, PDAs, printers, scanners, fax machines and specialised
gatekeepers and servers spread across several sites around the country.
� The system being put on trial, called Satchel, was written in Python,
Java, Installshield and a proprietary PDA language.

1995 to 1996 CityScape (Subsequently Demon Internet)
� CamNet was a freenet Internet Service Provider (ISP) sponsored by
CityScape & run by volunteers.
� Designed and wrote the entire CamNet administrative system, from the
point of sale software (PERL CGIs), to the Postgres95 module for
Radius (written in C) that let the Ascend Max modem rack get current
details from the user database.
� Wrote in PERL (and documented with POD) one of the earliest examples
of a generic website generation system, using a PostgreSQL backend.
� My system gave scalable support to users covering basket based
shopping, real time chat, visit path tracking and other uses.
� Worked as a consultant for Minos Games.
� Implemented the web administration interface for the Delta Box
- a single computer, without keyboard or monitor, which could be
used to safely connect an intranet to the Internet, combining router,
firewall, email gateway, proxies, ftp and web sites.

1994 T.M.I.
� T.M.I. is The Mud Institute. 'MUD' stands for 'Multi User Dungeon'
� MUDs are multi-user text based virtual realities that can be used for
a number of purposes, including games, virtual offices and as user
friendly interfaces to other things (eg telescopes).
� While at T.M.I. I co-administered the institute, taught object
oriented coding in LPC (a C variant), ran conferences and lead
development projects.
Examples of Specific Achievements:
� Wrote a UPD based chat system.
� Wrote an HTTPD server.
� Implemented conferencing, virtual politics and virtual physics.


2004 Advanced C Programming course - C.A.T.T.
2000 XML and Java Servlets - Learning Tree International
1998 Object Oriented analysis using UML - consulting group.
1997 advanced research topic seminars - Xerox.
1995 The Springboard Program - Bridge Management Training

Trinity College, Cambridge
1994 Master of Arts
1992 B.A. in Physics (with Computing and Philosophy minors)

Millfield School, Street, Somerset
1987 2 STEP (Maths, Physics) - Grade S
2 S Level (Maths, Physics) - Grade 1
5 A Levels (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) - Grade A
1985 11 O Levels


� I'm a qualified PADI scuba diver and have various sailing
qualifications. Most recently I captained a 38 footer around the
British Virgin Islands for 2 weeks, diving and exploring ship wrecks.
� I own and race TVR sports cars. I took my current 4.0 litre Chimaera
over to California and have traveled throughout Europe.
� I read a lot of Speculative Fiction (my home library has over 4000
books in it) and regularly attend and help organise conferences.
� I keep active with a combination of Tai Chi and Cycling.
� I captained several entries in Cambridge's annual charity punt race.

References available on request.
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