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5128 LX Premium Version 3.05.310

5128 LX Premium Version 3.05.310
Oct 25 2005

recommended IGEL Remote Manager version: 1.02.103 or higher

- New ICA client 9.2.93593 and Program Neighborhood browsing tool 9.0.0
- Program Neighborhood can fetch now the session configuration
via the Metaframe Web Interface PNAgent. Also the PN browsing can be done
now via the Metaframe Web Interface PNAgent.
- Program Neighborhood: new explorer like folder window for PN applications
- New Winconnect RDP client 6.0.54:
german-trimodal keyboard support added
(requires scan code mode to be off)
- PowerTerm: optional graphical login dialog before opening emulation window
- PC/SC Lite Version 1.2.9-beta8
- driver for smart card reader Omnikey 3121, 3621, 3821 and 6121
- support for 3Com 3CR990 family of NICs added
- added automounter browse feature: the automounter devices and
the USB hotplug devices can be browsed now via the
local directory "/userhome/media". The directory can be changed in
Setup -> Devices -> Automount.
- New ESD sound daemon, to enable sound via XDMCP.
(Setup -> Devices -> Audio)
- the ICA local login window supports now KP_Enter key
to switch between the entry fields
- the Program Neighborhood login window supports now KP_Enter key
to switch between the entry fields
- xlock displays the Program Neighborhood user name now, when a user
is logged in and the xlock password is synchronized with the PN password.
- Added new parameter to enable/disable Administrator access to the display
when xlock locks the screen. ("Lock Screen" session setup)
- ICA COM Port Mapping: polling activated by default; configurable in Registry
with ica.wfclient.CommPoll*
- the licenses are shown now in application launcher
- new linux kernel 2.4.31
- New support for following 802.11g WLAN adapters
(incl. WPA support):
CNET CWD-854 (USB) P/N:18-1D-WD85 or 18-1E-WD85
CNET CWP-854 (PCI) P/N:18-1B-WP85
CNET CWC-854 (Cardbus) P/N:18-1D-WC85
- added refresh button to ICA Connection Center
- when you logoff Program Neighborhood and PN applications are still running,
you can choose now if you want to disconnect or logoff these applications.
- MPlayer browser plugin supports now ".m3u" mp3 lists
- Aladdin eToken support within ICA sessions added

Fixed Bugs:
- ICA with trimodal keyboard: fixed mapping of right control key
- bugfix to allow blanks in usernames and passwords of SMB shares
- Allied Telesyn NICs with AMD PCnet chipset: new parameter
network.interfaces.ethernet.useatnic to prefer Allied Telesyn driver
over standard Linux PCnet driver; this especially is useful
for cards with dual (copper, fiber) physical interface
- New Winconnect RDP client 6.0.54: fix for connection problems
to servers with load balancing/session directory
- execution of Remote Manager jobs are no longer blocked by xlock
- ICA parameter TWIEmulateSystray is configurable again via Registry
- Disable ica.wfclient.TWINewControl parameter in Setup Registry
to fix problems with ICA Seamless windows, when changing
between virtual window manager pages.
- When changing the mount point or deleting a smb or nfs mount in setup,
the old mount is now umounted without rebooting the terminal.
- pcmcia doesn't hang anymore when the adapter is plugged in after boot
- Xlock texts are displayed correctly again in 256 color mode
- PowerTerm Login Window: Enter key on keypad behaves like Return key now
- ICA: Print key on trimodal keyboard mapped correctly again
- ICA: set TwRedundantImageItems parameter again to "0"
- ICA generic keyboard mapping: fix mapping of Windows keys
- Fixed memory leak in window manager
- reduced timeout, when Mplayer codec download tool connects to the server
- changed ICA client parameters to fix over scrolling in ICA sessions
- LPD now keeps the order of print jobs
- Settings that are modified in "Emergency Boot" mode are now written
to the Remote Manager before retrieving new settings
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