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How to Determine 100% of the precious metal value of your gold jewelry

How to Determine 100% of the precious metal value of your gold jewelry

Supplies needed:

1 scale preferably digital with at least a gram weighing mode.

1 magnifying glass or jewelers loupe.

1) Identify and understand the karat value stamped on your jewelry.

Use a magnifying glass and locate the karat stamp on each piece.

Gold examples:

10K or 417 that is 41.7 % gold content

14K or 585 that is 58.5 % gold content

18K or 750 that is 75% gold content

14KP indicates plumb gold which means exactly 58.3% gold

14KT is 58.3% gold purity.

Gold plated marking examples:

1/20 12k or 1/20 14K a fraction will indicate gold plating

14K GF is gold filled (plated)

14K GP stands for gold plate

18K HGE -heavy gold electroplate

14k GE -gold electroplate

925 gold plated over sterling silver. 925 is 92.5% silver

2) Separate the karats identified. If unsure about any pieces set aside for professional evaluation/testing.

3) Weigh you items using a digital scale. We recommend getting a scale so that you know how much your jewelry is worth.

4) Use our gold calculator or cross check our gold calculator with other scrap gold calculators on other websites/apps.

There are several free gold calculator apps available for smart phones. Our gold calculator is set for the London gold market price.

We always pay at least 80% (equivalent to around 84% of laboratory assay/purity results) based upon the London Fix gold price,

and the purity of the gold items.

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