Home > February 08 2008 15:50:48 - More tweaks and bugfixes. Fixed a couple of crash

February 08 2008 15:50:48 - More tweaks and bugfixes. Fixed a couple of crash

February 08 2008 15:50:48 - More tweaks and bugfixes. Fixed a couple of crash

bugs (there is probably more).

February 06 2008 20:21:08 - Changed a few compiler setting. Switched to hires

timer. Coded my own vsprintf/sprintf/printf. Tweaked a few polling

settings sockets data check so need to know (if possible) if its smoother

than the previous WIP or if its heavier or lighter on cpu resources.

February 04 2008 14:57:48 - Fixed some p2p chat related bugs.

February 03 2008 13:56:49 - Fixed some recorder related bugs. Added full recording

for the open kaillera interface (including drops and chats, anync data etc.)

February 02 2008 09:36:36 - Fixed on connection ping.

February 02 2008 04:05:38 - Fixed some GUI bugs. Fixed IRC module import bugs.

Added basic connection rejection mechanism for incompatible clients.

January 31 2008 10:37:08 - Recoded p2p core. Increased instruction cache space

(to make it crash less). Removed ping adjustments/time synchronization

for the moment. Also removed chat synchronization. Affected are emulators

that send data via chat like mame32++ and mame32k0.64 dips changing

(therye illegal and are poorly implemented anyway).

January 26 2008 10:37:08 - Added hosting/connecting automation through config.

TO sum up previous changes: Updated messaging level protocol to support LL

messaging (unreliable) and HL instruction transfer as used by core (built

in RDT). Ping/retransmission/timeout detection has been moved to LL

(before, LL it used to be a wrapper for sockets object only for packing/

unpacking instructions). It used to be like kaillera and used to desync a

lot with the p2p core. Added support for external module loading.Official

okai client/n02 will only carry p2p mode. Recorder/port forwarding/chat/

server play support will be external (gives more flexibility for updating).

Kaillera interface is now emulated over the new open kaillera interface.

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