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function [q_out, Delta,SQNR]=uniquan(sig_in,L)

% Usage

% [q_out, Delta,SQNR]=uniquan(sig_in,L)

% L - number of uniform quantization levels

% sig_in - input signal vector

% Function ouputs:

% q_out - quantized output

% Delta - quantization interval

% SQNR - actual signal to quantization noise ratio

sig_pmax=max(sig_in);% finding the positive peak;

sig_nmax=min(sig_in);% finding the negative peak

Delta=(sig_pmax-sig_nmax)/L; % quantization interval

q_level=sig_nmax+Delta/2:Delta:sig_pmax-Delta/2;% dfine Q-levels

L_sig=length(sig_in); % find signal length

sigp=(sig_in-sig_nmax)/Delta+1/2;% convert into 1/2 to L+1/2 range

qindex=round(sigp); % round to 1,2,... L levels

qindex=min(qindex,L); % eleminate L+1 as a rare possibility

q_out=q_level(qindex);% use index vector to generate output

SQNR=20*log10(norm(sig_in)/norm(sig_in-q_out));% actual SQNR value


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