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Ms. K. Johnson

Business Education Department

Woodlawn High School         5062 1st Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35212 

Room: 036                   Email: kjohnson3@bhm.k12.al.us  Classroom: 205-231-8036



August 26, 2014


To All Parents:


It is a joy to introduce myself to you as your child’s Business Education teacher, Ms. Johnson.  I am writing you to introduce myself to you and to inform you of some important information about the course your child is taking this year and why it is important I have your help in making sure your child receives the best possible education to fulfill his/her dreams in life. It is also important for you to know who I am as your child’s teacher.


I am a graduate of Alabama A&M University (AAMU) with a Bachelors, Masters, & Education Specialist degrees in Business Marketing Education. This is my eighth year teaching Business Marketing Education in Birmingham City Schools.  I taught Business Education at Huffman High School the first three years of my teaching career. The next three years, I taught at Smith Middle School. This is my 4th year at Woodlawn High School. I was raised in the Woodlawn area being a student, then a volunteer at my parents’ daycare center from birth until fourteen years of age.  I am also a product and alumni of Huffman High and Smith Middle School.  Therefore, I have pride and purpose in all the schools & communities I have had the opportunity to learn and teach in as a student and an educator.  I see it as a God-driven plan allowing me to give back to the schools and communities that have sowed so much into me, which has formed the person I am today, a blessed and passionate teacher. I am excited to be a Colonel, and it is truly a pleasure to be able to teach your child and make a difference in their life, like so many teachers have in my life.  Furthermore, I love teaching about business, finance, careers, life, and equipping our students with the skills necessary to have a successful future in the real world and workforce.  Career Preparedness, Multimedia Design, & Business Essentials classes include business and life-long skills to prepare students for high school and beyond.


Career Preparedness is a credit or one-credit course that introduces students to career exploration, computer applications, employability skills, life skills, and financial literacy.  Content provides opportunities for students to explore various career goals, consumer behavior, laws and legislation, consumer protection, consumer rights and responsibilities, consumer decision making, advertising and promotional techniques, individual and family money management, banking services, use of credit, income tax, technology, and careers in providing financial services to individuals and families.


Multimedia Design is a one-credit course designed to provide students with hands-on skills involving Graphic Design, Animation, Web Publishing, Podcasting, and Digital Video Production.  Students will use various Adobe Software’s including:  Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, and Fireworks.  Multimedia Design is a part of the “Information Technology” Cluster from the State of Alabama Commerce and Information Technology Course of Study. 


Business Technology Applications--Advanced is a one-credit course that provides students with project-based applications of concepts learned in Business Technology Applications or Business Essentials.  Personal computing and business skills are integrated throughout the course as students use a variety of software applications to produce and prepare documents for publication and learn how to select appropriate software for generating information.  A major emphasis is placed in guiding students through real-world experiences to aid in the school-to-career transition.  


Career and Technical student organizations, such as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) are integral, co-curricular components of each career and technical education course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth. We want to encourage all Business students to become a member of FBLA by paying their $25 membership dues by May 2015. FBLA Membership Packets are available now by requests only, so encourage your child to get a packet and sign-up for FBLA. 


In today’s society, it is required to have computer, business and employability skills, such as customer service, communication, data entry, professional writing, presentation, financial literacy and people skills; and I want to equip your child with the skills needed to succeed in life, no matter what their goals are for the future. Do me a favor and everyday ask your child what they learn at school and in the business class today.  If they are in need of something I asked for in class, it is only to ensure your child receives a quality education. Attached are the course syllabus, a supply list, and some additional forms attached for you and your child to complete. Please make sure, he/she return all documents signed and completed in its entirety, including the student information sheet with your current contact information and try your best to make sure your child get the supplies needed for class as soon as possible. If your child has a problem with getting the supplies needed for class, please call me, send a note by your child, or tell your child to talk to me one-on-one about it.


If you have a question, problem, comment, or would just like to checkup on your child’s status in my class, please call me at 231-8036. Thank you for your support and cooperation.  You & your child are truly valued at Woodlawn High School!




Ms. K. Johnson

Woodlawn High School

Business Marketing Education



Career Technical Education

Business/Marketing Education

Woodlawn High School

Course Syllabus


Course: Multimedia Design

Teacher: Ms. K. Johnson

Location: Rm. 036

      Phone: 205-231-8036

      Main Office: 205-231-8000

      Email: kjohnson3@bhm.k12.al.us

Conference Hours: Monday-Friday:  7:00-8:00 a.m. 3:35-4:35 p.m.

         Conferences are scheduled by appointment only.

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th

Credit: One Year (1)

Prerequisite: None

Textbook(s)/ Software:

Hoggatt, Shank, Robinson. Century 21 Computer Applications & Keyboarding.

      Southwestern Educational Publishing, United States of America, 2002.

TimeMaps Financial Software - www.timemaps.info


Course Description:

Multimedia Design is a one-credit course designed to provide students with hands-on skills involving graphic design, digital photography, Web publishing, and digital video production. Students use various hardware peripherals and software for completing documents.


Career and technical student organizations are integral, co-curricular components of each career and technical education course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) is a co-curricular component of the Business, Administration, & Management Program at Woodlawn High School.  FBLA-PBL enhances classroom instruction, develop leadership skills, expand workplace-readiness skills, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Program Goals:

  • To encourage and develop critical thinking, higher order skills
  • To promote character growth and development including human relations, good work habits, positive attitudes, and ethical standards,
  • To provide a realistic understanding of the work environment and how technology skills are vital to enhance employability skills.


Students will be expected to meet the course goals listed in this syllabus and be able to demonstrate their understanding of the underlying concepts in Business Management, & Administration Program. The instructions will be project-based learning. Project-based learning is an instructional strategy that helps students makes connection between school and life. Students assessment will based on individual completions of assignments, and test, both objective and production. Some assignments will require research using the library, Internet, and/or community resources. The grading procedure is listed in this syllabus.


Course Goals:

  • Improve Multimedia and Graphic Design techniques in using various Adobe tools.
  • Create and format various documents & publications (advertisements, videos, business marketing materials, reports, letters, memos) etc.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Adobe Design & Web Premium Softwares.
  • Become familiar with career opportunities in the Career Cluster of their choice and competency indications.

Course Objectives:

Multimedia Hardware and Software

  1. Compare types of multimedia, including presentation, desktop publishing, Web page design, graphic design, digital photography, and digital video use in creating projects.
  2. Utilize a variety of input devices for digitizing multimedia information, including digital camera, video, scanner, Internet downloads, and graphic software.
  3. Use a variety of software and equipment to create, modify, and enhance multimedia projects.

Graphic Design

  1. Demonstrate appropriate techniques associated with graphic design. Examples: selecting, resizing, manipulating graphics, changing resolution, restoring, retouching photographs, correcting color, creating images
  2. Utilize precision tools to manipulate images. Examples: deleting, moving, rotating, setting custom alignment guides, extracting and applying filters
  3. Utilize graphic design software to create business and personal publications. Examples: newsletters, brochures, business cards, calendars
  4. Apply integration principles for importing scanned, digitized graphics and text, tables, charts, and pictures into a publication.
  5. Utilize research results to interpret the impact of media and copyright laws on media publications.
  6. Examples: ethical issues, authenticity

Web Design

  1. Explain differences among Web sites, Web pages, and Web browsers.
  2. Identifying Web elements, including hypertext markup language (HTML) tags, headings, and body
  3. Develop interactive Web pages and sites using a variety of component formats, including HTML, HTML editors, and Web authoring programs. Examples: components--guest book, forms, hit counter, marquees, hover button, transition, banner advertisements, navigational schemes
  4. Determine the applicable format for converting digital files. Examples: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  5. (JPEG), Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
  6. Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Music Player 3 (MP3), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
  7. Apply knowledge of project management to ensure a quality product.
  8. Demonstrate the manipulation of digital image file sizing.
  9. Optimizing resolution for Web and print publications


  1. How do you professionally create and develop business documents?  Why is this process important?
  2. How has electronic mail changed the way business is conducted?
  3. How do spreadsheet applications simplify data commonly used in business settings?
  4. How do database applications organize and manage data commonly used in business settings?
  5. How is multimedia software used to enhance informational presentations?
  6. How does the information on the Internet enhance one’s research abilities compared to research methods of the past?


    1. Students will create an online portfolio. 
    2. Collect data, create charts, and graphs, and present information about an important, current issue (i.e. drop-out rate, teen pregnancy, global warming, etc.).
    3. Use data from spreadsheets to generate reports with the database application.
    4. Students create and deliver a multimedia presentation to an audience.



Secondary Credential--Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications


Course Outline:

First Semester (Standards 1-8)

    1. Word Processing Applications
    1. Word Certification Exam 
    1. Spreadsheet Applications
    1. Excel Certification Exam
    1. Database Applications

Midterm Examinations


Second Semester (Standards 9-16)

    1. Presentation Applications
    1. PowerPoint Certification Exam
    1. Internet Research
    2. Database Applications
    3. Electronic Mail Applications

Final Examinations 

Special Projects/ Events/ Vocabulary

The students will complete several individual and cooperative learning projects, such as, Career Exploration, Business Planning, and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) to expand and encourage mastery within the course curriculum of computer applications.  The class will decide what events they want to initiate and host special events to broadcast their performance and quality of work within the school. The vocabulary for the course will be learned throughout the term; starting with introductory computer terms and reviewing relevant vocabulary pertaining to the lesson or activity I am introducing during the school year.


Career Opportunities Related to Course:

Any career related to data entry, computer programming, clerical, or administrative position in any business.


Instructional Methodologies/Strategies: 

  • Use YouTube & Adobe TV Tutorials to demonstrate correct techniques & features of multimedia and graphic design.
  • Explain content terms by using Promethean board, handouts, and various other learning resources.
  • Explain Microsoft Office & Adobe programs by using multimedia presentation.
  • Demonstrate, using the Promethean board, procedures for completing course assignments and projects.
  • Integrate basic skills (Reading, English, Math) by selecting different readers to read certain text silently and aloud and questioning comprehension as class discussion; assigning all computer terms to be defined in sentence form and class reports in paragraph form with emphasis on correct subject and verb agreement and, using mathematics to compute margins for page setup, measurement for different size copy paper, number of spaces to a vertical or horizontal inch, and personal-use calculations in the core curriculum of Business Education;

Teacher Evaluation Procedures:

    • Observation
    • Review
    • Vocabulary Exams
    • Performance Exams
    • Projects/Presentations
    • Quizzes
    • Class Participation/Work
    • Group Activities
    • Homework
    • MOS Certification Exams

    Homework Policy

    Homework will be given at a minimum due to the unavailability of computers and the Internet at home.  However, when it is given, it will most likely be an assignment where the computer or the Internet is not needed to complete the assignment.  Homework will be due on the next class period.  Points will be deducted from late homework assignments.


    Grading Scale:

    A = 100-90     B = 89-80      C = 79-70      D =69-60      F = 59 and below

    All grades are calculated on a money-scale.  Money is the indicator to points in this course to help students connect work ethic in school and the classroom will have a direct relationship to money and income earned in the real world and the workforce.   If the students violate the rules in my classroom, fail to submit work by the deadline, and/or submit incomplete assignments, I will dock their pay, which is synonymous to deducting points from their grade.  The total amount of money earned per class, divided by the total amount of money issued on every assignment will determine their overall grade in my class.  Grades are also calculated by due dates, work is expected to be turned on time.  Late work does not have to be accepted if guidelines are not followed.  There will be work to be done every day, the entire class period.  There is no time in class for personal interests or other class assignments.  Parents and students are encouraged to take advantage of I-Parent to be aware of work completed/not attempted.


    Students should enter the classroom, log in by tardy bell, and begin daily bell ringer assignment posted.  Bell ringer should be completed within the first 5-10 minutes of class while roll is taken.  New concepts will be taught for 15-30 minutes and an assignment to implement concepts will take remaining class to complete (15-30 minutes).  Saving work and cleaning work areas will conclude class.  Files must be saved and named properly on flash drive or email for credit.


    Requirements/ Needed Materials:

    • Positive attitude and ability to work on your own and meet deadlines/expectations
    • 1-1/2 to 2” Notebook with paper/pen each day. Each student will be required to keep a notebook/documentation of assignments and skills, which will be checked at the request of the teacher.  A current notebook will graded for points, failure to turn in a current notebook will result in loss of points.  This is an easy grade and an organized record of your progress and competencies that can be used for years to come, as it will contain vocabulary, tests/quizzes, daily assignments, projects, and career readiness samples.
    • Flash drive to store files/projects.  Will need 2 drives with 1g memory or less. (1 for home and 1 for class)

    Make-up Work:  Regular attendance and punctuality is necessary for success in school and career readiness.  Most of your work will be completed in class on the computer.  Assignments and tests may be made up if the absence is deemed excused by school officials.  As stated in the Birmingham City Schools/ Code of Conduct, students will be given three days to make up assignments for each excused absence.  Make up work should be done before or after school, as labs are available.  No make up work will be done during class time; there will be work assigned everyday.  It is the responsibility of the student to discuss work missed with the teacher.


    Class Rules:

    1. Please leave all food, drinks, gum, and personal grooming items outside the classroom.  Backpacks must be left in designated area of classroom, not by desks or on tables.  Computer and desk area must be neat, clutter free, and maintained according to policies.
    2. Respect yourself, teachers, staff, and other students and their property.  This is a business class and students will be expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner.  Discipline issues will not be allowed to interfere with the learning environment of others.
    3. Please leave all computer settings and preferences alone; this is not your personal computer and violators will be documented and referred to administration, according to policy.
    4. Report any problems with equipment to instructor.  Idle time is not productive and grades are based on productivity.
    5. Please come to class prepared and on time.  Passes to lockers, restrooms, etc. will not be allowed.  We all have the same amount of time to take care of any need that arises. 
    6. You are expected to do your own work and violators will be disciplined.  Shared work counts as a zero to all parties involved.  This class will be challenging and demanding.  Creativity is allowed but expected to be within guidelines.
    1. Birmingham City policies for personal electronic equipment (cell phones, iPods, blackberries, etc), dress code, and other topics covered in student handbook will be enforced at all times.  Get used to rules being enforced; your employer will expect it too! 
    2. Plan on working everyday on the lesson designed by the teacher. Internet usage will be closely monitored.  It should not be necessary to ask students to get on task; there is always required work to do.  There is never a free day in high school or life!

    I-Parent Information for I-Grade Book:

    The grades will be updated in I-Grade Book on a weekly basis.  Parents may view their child’s grade in I-Grade Book using the I-Parent information to log-on and access the information about the child’s current progress in all classes and school.  If you have any questions concerns regarding the grades displayed in I-Grade Book, please call for additional information.


    Academic Honesty:

    As members of the academic community, students are expected to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity. Academic honesty is opposed to plagiarism, cheating, unauthorized collaboration, falsification, and multiple submissions.


    Evaluation and Assessment of Course

    Assignment             Point Value

    Class Attendance          5%

    Class Participation         5%

    Homework           5% 

    Vocabulary/Performance Exams      10%

    Presentations/Projects       15%

    Midterm Exam        20%

    Final Exam             20%

    Portfolio              20%

    Total Possible Points……………………………………………………100%


    Special Disability:

    Woodlawn High School is committed to serving the needs of students with disabilities and recognizes its responsibility for creating an instructional climate in which students with disabilities can thrive successfully. If there is a documented disability for which special accommodations are required, please contact the teacher immediately to verify eligibility and to discuss the options for reasonable academic accommodations.


    Teacher Comments:

    This aBTA course is following the revised 2010 Alabama Course of Study (ACOS), which has a lot of new components and advanced competencies.  It will be necessary for students to have a mature work ethic and positive attitude.  This is not the same old keyboarding or typing course, but has advanced expectations.  The skills required in the new COS will advance your job readiness, technology, and financial literacy skills required to compete in today’s workforce and to be successful.  Together, we will learn a lot and have some fun along the way.  My expectations are high for you and should be for yourself as well.  Enjoy this year!  I am available to help any student, but this course will require you to be independent and responsible for learning.


    Parents please assist me in ensuring that your child is ready to learn, values their education, and realizes the importance of having not only keyboarding or typing skills, but also computer, technology, and business skills. If I have you on my side, together we will ensure their success in my class and at Woodlawn High School.  We are going to have a GREAT year and I look forward to working with you and your child!


Woodlawn High School

Business Technology Applications



Ms. K. Johnson

Room 123

  2. Be on time for class each day.
  3. When the bell rings or class ends, wait to be dismissed, the teacher dismisses the class not the bell or time.
  4. Do not chew gum, eat, or drink in the classroom.
  5. Do not maintain or destroy equipment. Any problems should be reported immediately.
  6. Attend class everyday for maximum performance, especially for your test days.
  7. Raise your hand to get teacher’s attention - do not yell out.
  8. When not performing well or making a passing grade, arrange for a teacher-conference as soon as possible.


  1. If the teacher is out of the room, detained for any reason, or have company enter the room, you are to remain quiet and continue working on your assignment.
  2. Keep and leave work areas clean and orderly each day. Each student is responsible for his/her work areas, as well as,

    the equipment used in that area.

  1. If you have long nails, it is to your advantage to trim your nails, to key correctly.
  2. Bring all necessary supplies to class each day. 
  1. Listen attentively to all directions for all of your assignments.  Directions are given only once unless you have  

      specific questions concerning the assignment.

  1. Writing or marking on your desk, chair, and computer is not permitted. Vandalizing the equipment, classroom materials, and/or furniture in the computer lab is also prohibited. Violators will be reported to an Administrator. 
  2. Dress appropriately according to the Birmingham Public Schools Uniform Dress Policy.
  1. Always sit in your assigned seats & do not get up out of your seat without the teacher’s permission - no exceptions,  

      or changes that are not authorized by the teacher.

  1. Be courteous and respectful of others and their property. (Remember: The Golden Rule - “Do unto others as you  

       want others to do unto you”.)

  1. Avoid walking and excessive talking in the classroom, especially while the teacher is talking.
  2. Do not lean or stand in chairs.
  3. Conduct yourself as a “business” student. Disruptive behavior is not permitted.
  4. Turn in assignments /homework on time.
  5. Do not leave personal supplies in the classroom.
  6. Turn on the help light or raise your hand if there is a problem or if you need additional assistance.
  7. Take responsibility for your actions.
  1. Join FBLA today!! Each business student is expected to join our national business organization, Future Business Leaders of  

      America. Member Dues: $25.00


    I have fully read, understood and will comply with your classroom rules.          ____________________________________

                                       Student Signature


    I have fully read and understood your classroom rules, and will help you make sure my child abides by every rule.                                                                           

                        __________________________________  Parent(s) Signature(s)


Woodlawn High School



Ms. K. Johnson


Supplies Required

  1. Portfolio Binder w/ loose leaf paper 

3-ring (2 inch) binder w/ plastic cover

  1. Sheet protectors
  2. Vocabulary/ Notes Binder

    w/ loose leaf paper

  1. Mouse pad

USB Drive/ CDs (At least 2)

  1. Pencils


Loose-leaf paper


  1. Tissue

Hand sanitizer

Disinfectant Spray

  1. Dust Remover Spray

    *If all items are donated to the class, the individual student will receive extra points.



Woodlawn High School

Business Technology Applications

Classroom Discipline Plan

ms. k. johnson - RM. 036


If a student does not abide by the rules of the classroom, the following consequences will be enforced depending on the severity and frequency of the violation(s):


Warning/ Consequence Levels


Level I

Time-out Corner

Extra Work


Student Conference


Level II

Written Disciplinary Report

Parent Contact

Parent Conference


Level III

ISD Referral

(In-School Detention)

Administrative Referral






Woodlawn High School

Business Technology Applications

Course Syllabus Signature Approval &Verification

Ms. K. Johnson - Rm. 036


I fully accept, approve, and understand the contents within the course syllabus for Business Technology Applications


      Parent’s Signature:    _____________________________________

      Student’s Signature:    _____________________________________

      Principal’s Signature:   _____________________________________



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