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All-in-one T-CO2-Humidity Controller

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All-in-one temperature/humidity/CO2 Incubator
The UNO-COMBINED-CONTROLLER comprises the Temperature controller, the CO2/Air manual mixer and the Humidity Module. It is compatible with all the Okolab Stage Top Chambers and with the objective heater. It operates in chamber feedback mode. Sample feedback mode via PC is possible with the addition of the software package UNO-TS.
Incubating Chamber
Advanced mechanical and thermal design of the incu- bating chambers delivers superior performance and great operation flexibility.
• Chambers available for any XY stage / piezo insert • Heated glass cover with embedded T sensor • Magnetic interchangeable inserts with magnetic
sample fixing tools
• Removable chamber riser to allow positioning of the
condenser close to the specimen
• Sliding lid for easy access to the sample • Koelher Lid available when slim cammber profile is
necessary to perform Koehler illumination
• Perfusion holes for inlet and outlet of tubes

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Temperature control - technology
UNO COMBINED CONTROLLER controls the tempera- ture of the chamber (metal main body), of the glass cover and of the humidity module. Pre-defined off- set values stored in the controller memory guaran- tee that the set point temperature introduced by the operator is achieved in the position of the spec- imen, with the accuracy of �� 0.3��C. The combined action of the heated humidity module and of the heated glass cover allow to reach a high level of humidity within the chamber, with no condensation inside the chamber.
CO2 and Humidity control
The combined action of the gas mixers and of the humidity module en- sure proper medium pH and reduced evaporation. Pure CO2 and Air should be supplied to the UNO controller by means of 6 mm (O.D.) tubes. The desired CO2 concentration is set by regulating the gas flow rates by means of the two floating ball flow meters present in the UNO controller. Set point resolution is 1% and CO2 range is 0-15%. The mixed gas is humidified in the humidity module before entering into the incubating chamber by bubbling through distilled water main- tained at the controlled temperature by the heating collar.
OKO-AP is a plug and play solution to generate the Air stream needed by the UNO controller. It is a conven- ient alternative to air vessels or to compressed air lines. OKO-AP connects to Air input of UNO controller with a 6 mm (O.D.) tube. Maximum outlet pressure is 0.3 atm.

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Technical Specifications Accessories and Codes
Temperature range
From room to 50��C
Temperature accuracy
�� 0.3��C
CO2 set point resolution
Dimensions, mm
85,5 x 127,7 x 25,0
Weight, g
Stage Top Chamber
Compatible with all H301 stage top chambers
Objective Heater
Compatible with Okolab objective heater
Combined Controller. It includes T controller + CO2/AIR manual mixer + Humidity Module. Compatible with any Okolab Electric Chamber and with OBJ-T (-KIT). The Thermal controller works in Chamber Feedback mode. Specimen Temperature accuracy ��0.3��C if room temperature remains within �� 1��C. The manual gas module mixes Air and 100% CO2 by means of floating ball flow meters. CO2 range 0-15% with an accuracy of ��1%. It includes the Humidity Module (temperature controlled bubbling column). Hu- midification capacity at 37��C: gas reaches relative humidity of 75% ca. Button Display user interface. Data logging via UNO-TS software
Software. It allows to read and store thermal data, set thermal cycles, automatically change controller settings when changing plate adapters, perform the self calibration routine and add per- sonalized controller settings. It comes with an external thermal probe included.
Air pump. Plug and play solution for Air inlet. Convenient alter- native to 100% Air tanks/compressed Air lines. It directly con- nects to Air input of Okolab gas mixers/controllers. Maximum outlet pressure 300 mbar.
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