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POSITION TITLE: Production and Quality Assurance Specialist

DEPARTMENT:� Housing Choice Voucher Program

SALARY: Negotiable������������� �������������

DATE POSTED: 1/25/2010�������������

CLOSING DATE:� Until Filled�������������


The duties of the position include responsibility for the day-to-day operations and long term performance of Houston Housing Authority's entire 20,000 unit Voucher program. The individual in this position will have overall responsibility for the performance and compliance with HUD rules of the entire program.

Duties and Responsibilities

Budgeting and Financial Management

    Responsible for all budgets, budget revisions and financial performance for the total program (three HCV cylinders and the Special programs); Monitors program income and expenses monthly, ensuring that an optimal utilization rate and acceptable staffing are achieved without over-spending; Ensures all HUD reports are prepared accurately and submitted timely;

Landlord Recruitment

    Ensures that a wide range of landlords with acceptable units, including those in areas of low minority and low income concentration, participate in Houston Housing Authority's program and receive regular timely payments and rent increases when justified and affordable;

Waiting List Management

    Achieves a Section 8-wide utilization rate of at least 97 percent; Places at least 98 percent of applicants on the waiting list in accordance with the Administrative Plan; Selects at least 98 percent of applicants from the waiting list in accordance with the Administrative Plan;

Admissions: In All Programs

    Only eligible families are admitted to the program and all documentation is complete, accurate, and in full compliance with all applicable HUD requirements; Annual Income is documented in accordance with HUD rules; Adjusted Income is calculated correctly in accordance with HUD rules; Total Tenant Payment is calculated accurately; Voucher size for which each family qualifies is determined in accordance with the Administrative Plan; Voucher-holders receive a briefing that emphasizes housing opportunities outside areas of minority and low income concentration; All participant files are complete and accurate files with all necessary participant- supplied documents and third party verifications (or documentation of why third party verifications are not present); Every participant file contains Requests for Tenancy Approval, HAP contracts (with HUD-required Tenancy Addendum) Inspection reports, rent reasonableness determinations and leases; No new participants or those moving to new housing will be paying more than 40 percent of adjusted monthly income in TTP; HUD submission rate for 50058 forms is at least 95 percent;

Annual Re-certifications, Interim Adjustments, Moves and Owner Rent Increases: In All Programs

    98 percent of annual re-certifications are completed in a timely manner and special inspections take place as needed; Participant families are approved for a different unit/Voucher size only when appropriate; Families move only in a manner acceptable under program guidelines and the Administrative Plan; Occupancy Technicians process participant-reported changes in income or family circumstances as Interim Adjustments in a timely and accurate manner; All information (complete information for the Annual Recerts, only changed information for the Interim) is documented using EIV when available, otherwise third party verifications or documentation of why third party verification was unavailable; Owner requests for rent increases are approved only when documentation justifies the increases and there is budget authority to fund them; Reviews utility allowance schedule annually and updates it when needed; Accurate and timely 50058 forms are submitted to HUD in 95 percent of all cases;


    The number of FSS compliant participants is equal to or greater than the number required by HUD and the number of participants with escrow accounts is equal to or greater than the number required by HUD;


    Initial, annual, special and quality control inspections are performed in accordance with HUD's Housing Quality Standards and applicable Houston Housing Authority requirements including the standards under SEMAP for sample size and frequency of quality control inspections; The rent reasonableness database is complete, easy to use and being updated on a regular basis; Rent reasonableness determinations are made for all move-ins and rent increase requests; Owner/landlord and participant complaints are investigated and resolved in a fair and timely manner;

Customer Service and Files

    Applicants, participants and landlords are treated in a courteous and professional manner, with phone calls returned promptly and complaints investigated and resolved in a timely manner; File logs used to track participant file locations are maintained in an accurate manner so all files can be located at any time;


    Communicates with applicants, participants, landlords/owners and co-workers in a manner that is courteous and professional; Answers resident and landlord questions providing information on status of rent, damage claims, property inspections, provisions of the lease and contract, program regulations, Houston Housing Authority policies, and procedures, etc.; Returns calls to participants and landlords within one workday; Participates in the revision to Departmental policies and procedures; Submits monthly performance reports (on the Program's year-to-date SEMAP score and RIM issues) as required; Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

    Bachelor of Science Degree required in Business Administration, Public Administration, Urban Affairs, Urban Planning, City Planning, Accounting, Sociology, Psychology or a related field; A minimum of eight years of management experience in public housing, Section 8, tax credit housing, assisted apartment management or local government housing work (e.g. code enforcement, planning, community development); Knowledge of HUD policies and other Federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations related to low income housing and Houston Housing Authority policies; Knowledge of good public policy practices and procedures, business English and basic mathematics. Knowledge of spoken and written Spanish preferred but not required; Comprehensive and demonstrable knowledge of HUD HQS inspection procedures and Houston Housing Authority Section 8 policies and procedures; Certification in HQS Inspection, Income, Rent and Voucher program administration required within first year of employment (training and tests at Houston Housing Authority's expense); Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate with and relate to persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with participants, landlords and the public; Ability to supervise others effectively and collaboratively, reinforcing good performance and dealing firmly but fairly with less than satisfactory performance; Ability to meet both internal and SEMAP program deadlines; Ability to plan and prioritize work of self and staff; Bondability; Valid Texas driver's license; Eligibility for Houston Housing Authority fleet auto insurance.

Supervision Received and Given
Reports to the Administrator or divisional manager. This employee is responsible for both the compliance and performance of a Voucher Program group of professional Section 8 staff as well as the program outcomes they produce. Receives both written and oral instructions. The incumbent of this job must be able to work independently, performing complex work in an accurate and timely manner without close supervision. The position entails balancing competing priorities and analyzing the affordability of various proposals from staff. Employee supervises the Occupancy Technician and clerical employees.

Work is performed according to existing procedures or written guidelines such as HUD Regulations, handbooks, desk references or existing records. The employee will frequently be required to use independent judgment in making recommendations and decisions. This employee has significant responsibility for updating procedures and guidelines to ensure that they are effective, efficient and comply with HUD requirements.

Incumbent performs multifaceted work requiring a deep understanding of HUD rules and requirements relative to Voucher program eligibility, income, rent, inspections and contract procedures. The employee must be able to handle complex interpersonal situations involving conflicts between assisted tenants and landlords with skill and professionalism.

Scope and Effect
The employee works with the Director, Deputy Director, Administrators, the Manager of Special Programs and Voucher program applicants, participants, landlords and other employees. The employee's work is essential to the successful operation of the Voucher program. The employee's efforts affect Houston Housing Authority's ability to earn administrative fees and to obtain additional Vouchers and funding.

Personal Contacts
The employee has continual contact with other employees and occasionally, program participants and landlords. Most contacts are structured in nature and the employee is expected to use normal tact and professional courtesy. Occasionally a contact may be uncooperative or antagonistic and the employee would be expected to use above-average tact and courtesy. Failure to respond courteously could adversely affect the public's opinion of the program and the Authority.

Physical Demands
The employee's work involves primarily sedentary office work in a typical office environment. Additionally, there is some degree of stress resulting from contact with applicants, participants, landlords, the public and other employees.

Work Environment
The work involves the normal risks and discomforts associated with an office environment.


Interested applicants must complete a standard application form or submit a r�sum� to the Human Resources, Training and Development office located at 2640 Fountainview, Suite 407, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Only qualified applicants will be selected for an interview on the basis of evaluation of applications and/or r�sum�s.� All applicants are encouraged to submit complete and detailed information to ensure proper evaluation.

A Fair Housing and Equal Employment Opportunity Agency

For assistance: Individuals with disabilities may contact the 504/ADA Administrator

at 713-260-0528, TTY 713-260-0547 or 504_ADA@housingforhouston.com

������������� only those persons who apply in writing will be considered.�

applications and resumes can only be processed for positions that are announced as vacant.

������������� P.O. BOX 2971� �� HOUSTON, TEXAS 77252-2971� � TEL:� (713) 260-0517� � FAX:� (713) 260-0811

������������� MWBE/EOE

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