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Muscles the move the Head & Vertebral Column

Muscles the move the Head & Vertebral Column

Muscle Origin Insertion Action

Sternocleidomastoid anterior surface of sternum & upper clavicle mastoid process pulls head to one side, flexes neck

Splenius capitis spinous processes of lower C and upper T vert occipital bone rotates head, bends head, ext neck

Semispinalis capitis processes of lower C and upper T vert occipital bone extends head, bends head, rotates h

Erector spinae group

Iliocostalis group (lateral group)

Iliocostalis lumborum iliac crest lower 6 ribs extends lumbar region

Iliocostalis thoracis lower 6 ribs upper 6 ribs holds spine erect

Iliocostalis cervicis upper 6 ribs C4- C6 extends cervical region

Longissimus group(intermediate group)

Longissimus thoracis lumbar vertebrae thoracic & upper lumbar vert extends thoracic region

Ribs 9-10

Longissimus cervicis T4-T5 C2-C6 extends cervical region

Longissimus capitis upper thoracic & lower cervical vert mastoid process extends & rotates head

Spinalis group (medial group)

Spinalis thoracis upper lumbar and lower thoracic vert upper thoracic vert extends vert column

Spinalis cervicis ligamentum nuchae & C7 axis extends vert column

Spinalis capitis upper T vert & lower C vertebrae occipital bone extends vert column

Muscle Origin Insertion Action

Trapezius occipital bone & spines of C & T vert clavicle, spine, and acromion process rotates scapula, know

Fiber specifics

Rhomboid Major spines of upper T vert medial border of scapula retracts, elevates, rotates scap

Rhomboid Minor spines of lower C vert medial border of scapula retracts & elevates scap

Levator scapulae transverse processes of C vert medial margin of scapula elevates scapula

Serrratus anterior outer surfaces of upper ribs ventral surface of scapula pulls scapula ant. and down

Pectoralis minor sternal ends of upper ribs coracoid process pulls scapula forward & down

Or raises ribs

Muscles that move the pectoral girdle

Muscles that move the arm (add whether they are flexors, extensors, ABD, or rotators)

Muscle Origin Insertion Action

Coracobrachialis coracoid process humeral shaft flexes and ADD arm

Pectoralis Major clavicle, sternum, and costal cartilages of upper ribs Intertubercular groove flexes, ADD and rotates

Arm medially

Teres Major lateral border of scapula intertubercular groove extends, ADD, and rotates arm medially

Latissimus dorsi spines of sacral, lumbar, and lower T vert intertubercular groove extends, ADD, rotates arm med, pulls

Iliac crest, lower ribs shldr down and back

Supraspinatus posterior surface of scapula above spine greater tubercle ABD arm, rotates arm laterally (ER)

Deltoid acromion process, scapular spine, & clavicle deltoid tuberosity of humerus ABD, extends, flexes arm

Subscapularis ant. surface of scapula lesser tubercle rotates arm medially (IR)

Infraspinatus post. surface of scapula below spine greater tubercle rotates arm laterally (ER)

Teres minor lateral border of scapula greater tubercle rotates arm laterally (ER)

Muscles that Move the Forearm

Biceps Brachii coracoid process & glenoid tubercle (sup) radial tuberosity flexes elbow and radial deviation

Brachialis anterior shaft of humerus coronoid process flexes elbow

Brachioradialis distal lateral end of humerus lat. Radius above styloid proc. Flexes elbow

Triceps brachii glenoid tubercle (inf) & lat and med humerus olecranon process extends elbow

Supinator lateral epicondyle & ulnar crest lateral radius supination of hand/forearm

Pronator teres medial epicondyle & coronoid process lateral radius pronation of hand/forearm

Pronator quadratus anterior distal end of ulna anterior distal end of radius pronation of hand/forearm

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