Rui Shi


840 Main Campus Drive, Centennial Campus, 2500 Partners II Building, Room 2500,

Forest biotechnology group, Department of Forestry and natural resources,

North Carolina State University Box 7247,

Raleigh, NC� 27695-7247


Tel: 919-513-0074 (Office), 919-513-0015 (Lab)

Fax:� 919-515-7801

E-mail: rshi@ncsu.edu����� rshi_ncsu@yahoo.com


Ph.D.� 1999. College of Agriculture, Northeast Agriculture University, P.R.China

Title of thesis: Differential display of genes related to restorer Rf3 for T-type CMS in wheat and its molecular marker

MSc.� 1993. Department of Biology, Harbin Normal University, P.R.China

Title of thesis: Transformation of TMV-cp and CMV-cp Genes into Tomato By Binary Vector With Agrobacterium Rhizogenes

BSc.� 1990. Department of Biology, Harbin Normal University, P.R.China

Title of thesis: Embryo and post embryo development of salamander (Salamandrella keyserlingii)


2007.12- present

Research associate in Forest department, North Caroline State University (NCSU)


Research associate (Postdoc) in Forest department, NCSU

Main project:

Genetic Engineering of Cellulose Biosynthesis for Alleviation of Juvenile Wood Formation and Cellulose Augmentation in Loblolly Pine (Arbogen).

Improved Wood Properties through Genetic Manipulation: Engineering of Syringyl Lignin in Softwood Species through Xylem-Specific Expression of Hardwood Syringyl Monolignol Pathway Genes” (DOE-AF&PA).

Discovery of Conserved microRNAs in Eucalyputus and Loblolly pine (FORBRIC)

Constructing Chromosome Specific cDNA/ESTs library for Loblolly pine (FORBRIC)

Other research works:

Detection of small RNA in GUS silenced tobacco

Analysis of microRNA in populus.


Research associate (Postdoc) in Forest department, Michigan Technology University

Main project: Genetic engineering cellulose biosynthesis: Genetic Engineering of Cellulose Biosynthesis for Alleviation of Juvenile Wood Formation and Cellulose Augmentation in Loblolly Pine

Other side project: Genetic engineering of Eucalyptus, Phase I (Aracruz Cellulose S/A, Brazil)


Postdoctoral Fellow in Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Main project: Transformation of chloroplast of lettuce.

Other poject: Isolation of cDNA/ESTs of specific chromosome based on chromosome micro dissection.


Assistant professor in Biology Department, Harbin Normal University


Analysis of proteins related to CMS in wheat by SDS-PAGE and 2D-gel.

Identification of alien chromosome (fragment) in wheat by FISH and C-banding.

Microdissection of wheat chromosome

RT-PCR analysis of gene expression in rejection of cardiac transplantation.


Research associate in biology department, Harbin Normal University


Transformation of virus resistant gene (TMV-cp, CMV-cp) into tomato, cucumber and potato by Agrobacterium rhzigenecs


Plant biotechnology, include plant gene cloning and plant nuclei (plastid) Transformation.

Biotechniques, including molecular Markers, small RNA detection, novel gene modify system, chromosome microdissection and its application in functional genomics.


      Jack P. Wang, Punith P. Naik, Hsi-Chuan Chen, Rui Shi, Chien-Yuan Lin, Jie Liu, Christopher M. Shuford, Quanzi Li, Ying-Hsuan Sun, Sermsawat Tunlaya-Anukit, Cranos M. Williams, David C. Muddiman, Joel J. Ducoste, Ronald R. Sederoff and Vincent L. Chiang (2014) Complete Proteomic-Based Enzyme Reaction and Inhibition Kinetics Reveal How Monolignol Biosynthetic Enzyme Families Affect Metabolic Flux and Lignin in Populus trichocarpa. The Plant Cell (online) Hsi-Chuan Chen, Jina Song, Jack P. Wang, Ying-Chung Lin, Joel Ducoste, Christopher M. Shuford, Jie Liu, Quanzi Li, Rui Shi, Angelito Nepomuceno, Fikret Isik, David C. Muddiman, Cranos Williams, Ronald R. Sederoff and Vincent L. Chiang (2014) Systems Biology of Lignin Biosynthesis in Populus trichocarpa: Heteromeric 4-Coumaric Acid:Coenzyme A Ligase Protein Complex Formation, Regulation, and Numerical Modeling. The Plant Cell (online)Rui Shi, Christopher M. Shuford, Jack P. Wang, Ying-Hsuan Sun, Zhichang Yang, Hsi-Chuan Chen, Sermsawat Tunlaya-Anukit, Quanzi Li, Jie Liu, David C. Muddiman, Ronald R. Sederoff, Vincent L. Chiang (2013) Regulation of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) gene family in wood forming tissue of Populus trichocarpa. Planta 238: 487-497Hsi-Chuan Chen, Jina Song, Cranos M. Williams, Christopher M. Shuford, Jie Liu, Jack P. Wang, Quanzi Li, Rui Shi, Emine Gokce, Joel Ducoste, David C. Muddiman, Ronald R. Sederoff and Vincent L. Chiang (2013) Monolignol Pathway 4-Coumaric Acid:CoA Ligases in Populus trichocarpa: Novel Specificity, Metabolic Regulation, and Simulation of CoA Ligation Fluxes. Plant Physiology 161: 1501-1516Jie Liu, Rui Shi, Quanzi Li, Ronald R. Sederoff, Vincent L. Chiang (2012) A standard reaction condition and a single HPLC separation system are sufficient for estimation of monolignol biosynthetic pathway enzyme activities. Planta DOI: 10.1007/s00425-012-1688-9.Shuford, Christopher; Li, Quanzi; Sun, Ying-Hsuan; Chen, Hsi-Chuan; Wang, Jack; Shi, Rui; Sederoff, Ronnald; Chiang, Vincent; Muddiman, David (2012) Comprehensive Quantification of Monolignol-pathway Enzymes in Populus trichocarpa by Protein Cleavage Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Proteome Research 11:3390-3404.Shi, Rui. Sun YH, Zhang XH, Chiang VL. (2012) Poly(T) adaptor RT-PCR. Methods Mol. Bio. 822: 53-66Ying-Hsuan Sun, Rui Shi, Xing-Hai Zhang, Vincent L. Chiang and Ronald Sederoff (2011). MicroRNAs in trees. Plant Mol. Biol. DOI 10.1007/s11103-011-9864-zYing-Hsuan Sun, Shanfa Lu, Rui Shi, Vincent L. Chiang. (2011) Computational prediction of plant miRNA targets. Methods Mol. Biol. 33(7), 776-784Shi R,, Yang C, Lu S, Sederoff� R, Chiang VL (2010) Specific down-regulation of PAL genes by artificial microRNAs in Populus trichocarpa. Planta 232:1281-1288Shi, R., Sun, Y. H., Li, Q. Z., Heber, S., Sederoff, R., & Chiang, V. L. (2010). Towards a systems approach for lignin biosynthesis in populus trichocarpa: transcript abundance and specificity of the monolignol biosynthetic genes. Plant and Cell Physiology, 51(1), 144-163Su-Mei Jiang, Wei-Bo Yin, Jun Hu, Rui Shi, Ruo-Nan Zhou, Yu-Hong Chen, Guang-He Zhou, Richard R.-C. Wang, Li-Ying Song, and Zan-Min Hu (2009) Isolation of expressed sequences from a specific chromosome of Thinopyrum intermedium infected by BYDV. Genome 52: 68-76Ruo-Nan Zhou, Rui Shi, Shu-Mei Jiang, Wei-Bo Yin, Huang-Huag Wang, Yu-Hong Chen, Jun Hu,� Richard RC Wang, Xiang-Qi Zhang, and Zan-Min Hu (2008). Rapid EST isolation from chromosome 1R of rye. BMC Plant Biol. 8:28Yeh, T. F., Wang, J., Rui, S., Sun, Y. H., & Chiang, V. L. (2007). A novel O-Methyltransferase-like gene with a drastic extopic expression in response to tension wood formation in Poupulus trichocarpa. Cellulose Chemistry and Technology, 41(9-10), 521-528.Rui Shi and Vincent Chiang (2005). A facile means for quantifying microRNA expression by real-time PCR. Biotechniques. 39: 519-522 Shanfa Lu, Ying-Hsuan Sun, Rui Shi, Catherine Clark, Laigeng Li, and Vincent L.Chiang (2005). Novel and mechanical stress responsive microRNAs in Populustrichocarpa that are absent from Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 17: 2186-2203 Fa-Yun Zhang , Wei-Bo Yin, Rui Shi, Ying-Kao Hu, Yue-Ming Yan, Yu-Hong Chen, Yi-Hua Zhou, Jun Hu, Richard R.-C. Wang, and Zan-Min Hu. 2005. Construction and characterization of chromosome 1B specific DNA library of wheat. Can. J. Plant Sci. 85: 309-316.Shanfa Lu, Rui Shi, Cheng-Chung Tsao, Xiaoping Yi, Laigeng Li and Vincent L. Chiang.(2004) RNA silencing in plants by the expression of siRNA duplexes. Nucleic Acids Research 2004 32(21):e171 Hu Z M, Wang H, Shi Rui, Dang B Y, Hu J, Yin W b, Chen Y H, Jiang S M, Chen Z H (2004). Microdissection and construction of region-specific DNA libraries of wheat chromosome 6B. Acata Botanica Sinica, 46(11):1357-1365Shu-Mei Jiang, Long Zhang, Jun Hu, Rui Shi, Guang-He Zhou, Yu-Hong Chen, Wei-Bo Yin, Richard R.-C. Wang, and Zan-Min Hu (2004) Screening and analysis of differentially expressed genes from an alien addition line of wheat Thinopyrum intermedium induced by barley yellow dwarf virus infection Genome/G�nome 47(6): 1114-1121 (2004)Yu Changhua, Shi Rui, Li Tianfa, Guan Zhengdong (2004) Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase gene mRNA in acute allograft rejection of cardiac transplantation, CHINA JOURNAL OF MODERN MEDICINE, 14(6):19-21,25Hu Zanmin, Wang Huai, Chen Yuhong, Shi Rui, Chen ZhengHua (2003). Studies on Contamination of Cytoplasm DNA and Its Control in Plant Chromosome Microdissection. ACTA BOTANICA SINICA, 45(2): 131-135� Hou Bingkai, Hu Zanmin, Dang Benyuan, Shi rui, Chen Zhenghua. (2002) Site-specific Integration of Insect-resistant Gene into Chloroplast Genome of Oilseed Rape and Acquisition of Transgenic Plants. JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR, 28(3): 187-192� Yin Weibo, Zhan fayun, Shi Rui, Yang chenmin, Hu zanmin (2002) The Sequence of the Chloroplast Gene for the ATPase Beta Subunit (atpB) from Populus tomentosa Journal of plant physiology and molecular biology 28(6): 493-494Shi Rui, Yang chenmin, Zhou yihua, Chen Zhenghua, Hu zanmin (2002). The Sequence of Chloroplast Gene psbA from Lactuca sativa. JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY� 28(4): 321-322Zhou Yi-hua, Hou Bing-kai, Shi Dong-qiao, Xiao Yu-hong, Shi Rui, Hu Zan-min, Chen Zheng-hua (2001) Cloning and Sequence Analysis of 3’ rps12 and ndhB genes from chloroplast genome of populus tomentosa. Chinese Journal of Biochemistry and molecular biology 17(5): 606-616Guo Chang-hong, Shi Rui, Wang Tong-chang, Zhan Yan, Zhang bai-chen, Tang Li-ping, Li Ji-lin (2001) Molecular cytogenetics detection of wheat-rye substitution and wheat intra-specific translocation line. Acta Bot Boreal-Ocident Sin 21(3): 413-418Guo Chang-hong, Shi Rui, Wang Tong-chang, Li Ji-lin (2001) Studies on RAPD makers specific to gametocidal chromosomes and molecule polymorphism between Triticuma Estivum and Aegilops species (2001) Bulletin of botanical research. 21(3) 432-436Shi Rui (2001) Studies on the detection of alien chromosome fragments and obtainment of molecular markers linked to specific genes in wheat. Hereditas (beijing)� 23(1) 61-62Wei Jicheng, Shi Rui et al (2000)� Microdissection and Amplification in vitro of Chromosome 1R in Rye (Secale cereale L.) and Determination of the Amplified Products� Bulletin of Botanical Research Vol.20(2), 195-200Wang Tongchang, Liu Weihua, He Congfen, Zhang Guiyou, Shi Rui, Xu Xiangling and Li Jilin (1999). Effect of alien cytoplasms on meiosis in the F1 hybrids between alloplasmic lines of triticuumaestiyum cv. Chinese spring and Rye or Triticale. Cytologia 64:285-291Shi rui, Wang tong chang et al(1999) differential display of gene related CMS restorer gene Rf3 in wheat. Journal of yunnan university (Natural sciences) 29:49-50Shi rui, Guo chang hong (1999) silver staining for RAPD product. Natur. Sci. J. Harbin Normal Univ15(1):77-80 Shi rui, Guo chang hong (1998) silver staining of DNA in PAGE gel. Biotechnology (Chinese) 8(5):46-48Liu Wei-hua, Jiang Jing, Shi Rui et al (1994) Genetic Transformation of Cucumber By Agrobacterium Rhizogenes with Ri-Plasmid. Bulletin of Botanical Research Vol.17(4), 436-440Xu Xiang-ling, Shi Rui et al, (1994) Studies on TMV-CP and CMV-CP Genes Carried into Tomato By Binary Vector With Agrobacterium Rhizogenes. Bulletin of Botanical Research� Vol.14(4), 416-423 (Chinese)


    Rui Shi, Chenmin Yang, Ronald Sederoff and Vincent Chiang (2011) Specific knock-down of multiple genes by artificial microRNA in Populus trichocarpa. In Vitro Biology Meeting, Raleigh, North CarolinaRui Shi and Vincent Chiang (2007) Investigating microRNAs by Poly(A) tailing based RT-PCR. Nucleic Acid-Based Technologies, Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.Rui Shi and Vincent Chiang (2006) Investigate microRNAs in tree based on modified RT-PCR. North Carolina Plant Molecular Biology Consortium. Wrightsville beach, North Carolina Rui Shi and Vincent Chiang (2005) Real-time PCR for microRNA. The Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists, Seattle, WashingtonRui Shi and Vincent Chiang (2005) Real-time PCR for microRNA. The North Carolina RNA Society Symposium on RNA Biology VI: RNA, Tool and Target. North Carolina Biotechnology Center, North CarolinaRui Shi, Laigeng Li, Vincent Chiang (2005) Analysis of transcription factor genes in loblolly pine wood formation. Plant and Animal Genome XIII Conference, San Diego, California.


    Chiang L.V. and Shi R. Detecting and/or quantifying small RNA comprises polyadenylating the small RNA followed by reverse transcription with primer containing poly(T) sequence and 3'nucleotides complementary to the 3'terminal end nucleotides of the small RNA. Patent Number: US2009220969-A1Hu Z, Jiang S, Shi R, et al. Method for quickly separating target chromosome expressed sequence. Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology. Identifying No. 1789417 June 2006; Application No. CN 200410098959Zhou C, Hu Z, Du R, Chen Z, Shi R. Access of the production of foot-mouth vaccine in lettuce chloroplast transgenic plants. State intellectual property office of the P. R. of China. Patent number: 1429906, Publication date: 2003.07.16Hu Z, Shi R, et al. Methods of lettuce’s chloroplast transformation and lettuce chloroplast DNA fragment for construction of site directed vector for chloroplast transformation. State intellectual property office of the P. R. of China. Patent number: 1393562, Publication date: 2003.01.29


    Rui Shi, Shanfa Lu, and Vincent Chiang. Discovery of Conserved micorRNAs in Eucalyptus and Loblolly pine. Forest Biotechnology Industry Research Consortium (FORBIRC) 2005-06. $6,500 Rui Shi, Ronald Sederoff and Vincent Chiang. Constructing Chromosome Specific cDNA/ESTs library for Loblolly Pine. FORBIRC 2006-07. $15,000Rui Shi, Ting-Feng Yeh and Vincent Chiang. Investigating microRNAs involved in tension wood formation. FORBIRC 2007-08, $20,000Vincent Chiang and Rui Shi. Tissue-Specific Transcriptome of Monolignol Biosynthesis Genes. FORBIRC 2007-08, $20,000Quanzi Li, Rui Shi, et al., Functional Characterization of the Poplar Xylem-Specific Cellulose Synthase Genes. FORBIRC 2007-08, $20,000Ting-Feng Yeh, Rui Shi and Vincent Chiang. Proteomics of Hemicellulose Biosynthesis in Reaction Wood of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) and Black Cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa). FORBIRC 2007-08, $20,000
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