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PCA 295: John H. Brillhart Photograph Collection, 1930-1950

PCA 295:  John H. Brillhart Photograph Collection, 1930-1950      Alaska State Library

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Brillhart, John H., Photographer 

John H. Brillhart Photograph Collection, 1930-1950 

PCA 295 

228 photographs 

ACQUISITION:  The collection was donated to the library in 1988 through the U.S. Forest Service and Mr. Brillhart himself. 

ACCESS:  The collection is available for viewing, however, the photographs may not be photocopied. Photographs digitized & available for viewing via VILDA: 008, 010, 024, 028, 034, 043-044, 047-048, 051, 075, 147-150, 152-159, 168, 177, 201, 212 

COPYRIGHT:  Request for permission to publish or reproduce material from the collection should be discussed with the Librarian. 

Biographical Note 

Mr. Brillhart was born August 10, 1911 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He received his schooling at Pennsylvania State University and the New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse University.  During his forty-year career with the Forest Service, he was employed as a forester at six national forests.  In Alaska, from 1939-1951, he served as District Ranger in Sitka and Forest Supervisor of Tongass National Forest stationed in Juneau.  He photographed Forest Service personnel in the field, the White Pass & Yukon Railroad and Southeast communities and outlying areas, including Hoonah, Pelican, Elfin Cove, Yakutat, and Tenakee Inlet.  There are also some photographs of Hope and the Kenai Peninsula area. 

Mr. Brillhart writes, "during World War II the Forest Service C.C.C. program employed approximately 400 enrollees on the Tongass National Forest...The program was closed down very early in 1942."  A copy of "Impact of World War II on the U.S. Forest Service in Southeast Alaska" by Mr. Brillhart follows this introduction.  Several views of C.C.C. work in Southeast show trail work at Hoonah, the totem restoration project at Sitka National Monument in 1940, and structures built at Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau. 

John Brillhart retired to Oregon in 1973.   

Scope and Contents 

The John H. Brillhart collection of 213 photographs contains views of U.S. Forest Service and C.C.C. activities in Southeast Alaska from the 1930s to 1950.   




1. Baranof Lake [or] Warm Springs Bay, 1944 [on Baranof Island, Alaska]. 

2. Baranof Lake. 

3. Outlet to Baranof Lake [view up cascading stream; wood structure in background]. 

4. Water Power.  Baranof Lake.  Falls from outlet of Baranof Lake to [Warm Springs] Bay. 

5. Bahovic [Bahovec] Water Power - Warm Springs [Bay].  Federal Power Project [building and flume]. 

6. RANGER 7 - Sitka, 1941.  This was boat assigned to Sitka Ranger District when district was

      formed in 1941 and Ranger (Me) stationed at Sitka. ottar[?].  Johnson - skipper. 

      J. Brillhart [side view of boat]. 

7. RANGER 7 - Glacier Bay National Monument, 1945 [partially hidden by iceberg]. 

8. Looking for timber - 1939.  L to R:  George Sarvella, Captain of the RANGER 9, Forest Service

      boat; Dan Moller, Mgr. of Columbia Lumber Co., Sitka office and sawmill [on rocky beach]. 

9. [RANGER 9, side view.] 

10. RANGER 10.  This was boat assigned to outlying Admiralty Ranger [district?],

      1939-43.  Geo. Sarvella (Sitka man) - skipper. 

11. Typical Special Use - Elfin Cove, Alaska, 1944 [small cabin in forest]. 

12. Elfin Cove, Alaska, 1945 [boats in harbor and reflection]. 

13. Investigating town of Dyea for C.C.C. restoration program, 1940.  L to R:  W.A. Chipperfield,

      Division Supervisor, Admiralty Div., Tongass N[ational F[orest] and Milo Klouse,

      C.C.C. foreman, Skagway C.C.C. camp [in doorway of cabin]. 

14a. Retired Asst. Regional Forester Wellman Holbrook at his Pt. Louisa Home, 1949


14b. U.S. Forest Service personnel:  Bernie Aiken (left), Capt. of Forest Service vessel,

      FORESTER; Wellman Holbrook (right), Asst. Regional Forester, Region 10.

      Picture taken at Holbrook's summer home, Lena Point - Glacier Highway, 1945. 

15. [L to R]  Harry Sperling - Admin. Asst., [U.S.F.S.] Regional Officer, R-10; Hakon

      Bjarnason - Chief Forester of Iceland Forest Service [visiting R-10 to meet U.S.F.S.

      personnel and collect seeds for reforestation program in Iceland]; Ben C. Miller -

      Park Custodian, Sitka Totem National Monument, Sitka [standing on Harbor Mountain,

      August 1945 (with accompanying notes)]. 

16. L-R:  John Brillhart, U.S.F.S., Region 10, Forest Supervisor (back to camera); unidentified Army Inspector; Allen Hasselborg, hunter and guide (in doorway);  Alva Blackerby,

      R-10 Admin. Officer.  1943 [standing in front of Hasselborg's cabin at Mole Harbor on

      Admiralty Island]. 

17. L-R:  three unidentified Army inspectors; Alva Blackerby, Admin. Officer, Region 10,

       U.S.F.S.; John Brillhart (kneeling), Forest Supervisor, Admiralty Division, Region 10.

      Infantry officers sent to [Juneau?] to defend airport.  Seymore Canal, 1943 [posing in field]. 

18. Elbridge Warren Merrill's (1868-1929) home, Jamestown Bay, 1941 or 1945. 

19. Glacier Bay N.[ational] M.[onument.  Scenic view of icebergs and mountains]. 

20. Glacier Bay N.M., Lamplugh Glacier. 

21. Glacier Bay [iceberg]. 

22. Glacier Bay N.M. - Ashore near Tidal Inlet and Looking SW to Hugh Miller Inlet

      [small boat in foreground]. 

23. Hoonah - Original Village, 1940.  Burned down in 1944 [houses along rocky beach]. 

24. Indian Cleaning Fish - Hoonah [man and woman on beach with table and Canoe]. 

25. Hoonah - 1946 [boats shored up on beach near houses]. 

26. Indian Grave Markers - Hoonah, 1944 [close view of hat-shaped figure]. 

27. Indian Grave Markers - Hoonah [marker for "Ne-Ker Moore, age 76 years, born at


28. C.C.C. building trail between Hoonah and Cannery.  Men supervising:  on left -

      Art Glover, Regional Engineer; on right - Horace Blood, C.C.C. Foreman [men

      laying log foundation next to water]. 

29. Another view of trail work supervising (top) L to R:  Harold Smith, admin, head of

      C.C.C., Arthur Glover, Regional Engineer.  (Lower)  enrollees working on logs. 

30. Another view of trail work from town to cannery, 1940 [view across water to trail

      at base of cliff]. 

31. View of the town of Hope, Alaska, 1949 [street scene]. 

32. View of the town of Hope, Ak, 1949 [log cabin with sign in front]. 

33. View of the town of Hope, Ak, 1949 [street scene]. 

34. Registration Booth - Mendenhall Glacier, 1947 [girl signing in]. 

35. Registration Booth - Mendenhall Glacier, 1947 [Brillhart twins signing in]. 

36. Mt. Edgecumbe - Halibut Pt. Road [Sitka; volcano in distance framed by trees]. 

37. Mt. Edgecumbe - Sitka; from Halibut Pt. Road [volcano barely visible beyond trees

      and bridge]. 

38. Mt. Edgecumbe from Harbor Mtn. Road, 1946 [view over steep forested slope]. 

39. Mt. Edgecumbe - Sitka, 1946 [beyond rocky island]. 

40. Hole In Wall, Inian Islands, Cross Sound, 1945 [tunnel in cliff at edge of ocean]. 

41a. Hole In Wall, Inian Islands, Cross Sound  [more distant view of same cliff]. 

41b. Hole In Wall, Inian Islands, Cross Sound, 1939 [similar to 41]. 

42. Pelican City.  Outside Plumbing [view of outhouse at shoreline]. 

43. Pelican, Original Sawmill, 1946 [buildings and tank in water]. 

44. Pelican, Original Sawmill, 1946 [buildings and floating logs]. 

45. Sawmill, Pelican City, 1944 [similar to 44]. 

46. Pelican Homesite, 1944 [cabin on cleared slope above shore]. 

47. Pelican Cold Storage Plant, 1943. 

48. Pelican Cold Storage. 

49. Homestead Satko's ARK, 1949.  Satko built this boat on the east coast, towed it by

      trailer across the U.S. to Tacoma.  Took the engine out of his car, installed it in the

      boat and moved his family to Juneau on it [boy standing on rocky beach next to boat at Amalga Harbor]. 

50. Satko's Homestead - Eagle River Landing area.  1940's [log cabin in snow; Juneau


51. Totem Carver, Sitka, Alaska [man sitting on and chiseling into log in shed; painted

      totem pole in background]. 

52. Totem Painter [same man painting totem pole]. 

53. Gaanaxadi/Raven Crest Pole, Sitka Nat'l Historical Park [Crane People totem Pole

       with lumber stacked at foot].1 

54. Sitka Nat'l. Historical Park.  Waasgo Legend Pole [Gonaguadet Totem Pole

       wrapped with cushioning and cables].2 

55. Totem in Totem Park, Sitka.  C.C.C. project to repair or recarve.  1940-41?

      [lower part of Fur Trader Totem Pole standing in forest].3 

56. Raising restored totem pole, Sitka National Monument, 1940.  C.C.C. [pole at angle

      across path]. 

57. Raising restored totem pole, Sitka National Monument, 1940.  C.C.C. [pole lying

      on planks and rollers, with cables]. 

58. raising restored totem, Sitka, 1940.  C.C.C.  [three men standing next to pole lying

      on rollers]. 

59. Restored Totems - Sitka, 1941 [Crane People Totem Pole4; similar to 53]. 

60. Disenchantment Bay, Yakutat, Alaska. 

61. Tlinget (sic)Indian, Yakutat, Alaska, 1946 [three children on road, youngest sitting in


62. Thlingit (sic) Indian, Yakutat, 1946 [boy wearing overalls standing on path]. 

63. Yakutat, Alaska, Main Street, 1946 [house on road near shore]. 

64. Yakutat, Alaska, 1946 [view of distant snowy mountains over side of ship]. 

65. [View of mountain range over side of ship]. 

66. Yakutat, Disenchantment Bay, 1946 [view of snowy mountains over side of ship]. 

67. Sitka Russian Cemetery, 1942 [grave markers along path]. 

68. Sitka Russian Pushka [barrel of cannon on high ground overlooking water]. 

69. Russian Pushka - Sitka [cannon]. 

70. 1940 - Sitka Blockhouse - Sitka Totem Park.  This block house was located in the

      Totem Park in 1930-1940 and 50's. 

71. Russian Mission Bldg., Sitka - 1946.  [Sitka National Historical] Park Custodian, Ben

      C. Miller, left corner of picture. 

72. Castle Hill - 1946 - Transfer Monument [and cannon]. 

73. Castle Hill - 1946 - Transfer Monument [cannon in foreground,  Sitka buildings in


74. Site of Baranof Castle - Sitka, 1944. 

75. Site of Monument where U.S. ... Alaska From Russia, Sitka, Alaska, 1946 [man

      viewing monument commemorating Alaska purchase]. 

76. Old Man's Home, Sitka, Alaska, Pioneer's Home, 1940 (note tide flat in front of

      picture now is filled with C.C.C. wall built and totem raised). 

77. Sheldon Jackson, Sitka, Alaska [school building]. 

78. Unloading fish, Sitka, Alaska.  This was Sitka Cold Storage Dock - now site of

      Sheffield Hotel [man handling net full of fish]. 

79. Unloading Fish, Sitka, Alaska [three men in shallow box with emptied net]. 

80. Unloading Fish, Sitka [view down on men working in hold of ship]. 

81. Columbia Lbr. [Lumber] Co. Sawmill, Sitka, Alaska, 1943. 

82. Sitka - 1940, fire at Moose Hall. 

83. St. Peters By The Sea, Sitka - Entrance, 1942 [front of Episcopal church]. 

  1. St. Peters By The Sea, Sitka, Alaska, 1942 [front of church].

85. Merrill's Monument, Sitka, Alaska, 1941.  This monument was at the entrance to

      Totem Park in 1940's [close view of plaque to E.W. Merrill mounted on boulder]. 

86. Sitka Nat'l. Cemetery - 1946 [mounted artillery and gravestones]. 

87. Sitka, Alaska - 1946 [scenic view of house on island and bridge]. 

88. Sitka, 1946, From Castle Hill [view over rooftops toward the Sisters]. 

89. Sitka, 1946, From Castle Hill [view across water toward Mount Verstovia]. 

90. Air view of Sitka, 1946? [view toward the Sisters]. 

91. Sitka - Scene from Harbor Mtn., 1945 [view over water]. 

92. Harbor Mtn., Sitka, looking NW [inlet in distance, framed by trees]. 

93. Sitka Harbor, Early Morning Fog, 1943. 

94. Sitka Harbor, Early Morning Fog [similar to 93]. 

95. Pacific Ocean Off Chichagof Is., 1940 [framed by trees]. 

96. Old Sitka or Fish Bay [aerial view]. 

97. Silver Bay - Sitka [three-story house on pilings]. 

98. Harbor Mtn. - Sitka, 1946 [mountaintop view toward inlet]. 

99. View from Harbor Mtn. Road, Sitka, 1946 [view over trees toward inlets]. 

100. Royal Door [interior view of St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka]. 

101. Bishop's seat - Royal Door [interior view, St. Michael's Cathedral]. 

102. Interior [St. Michael's Cathedral doors]. 

103. Interior [St. Michael's Cathedral doors]. 

104. Communion Cup - Bible and Cross [on display]. 

105. Tabernacle - A model of St. Michael's Cathedral [model in dome on draped table,

      and lectern]. 

106. Interior [St. Michael's Cathedral; front of church]. 

107. Interior [St. Michael's Cathedral; ornate painting and doors]. 

108. Interior [Russian Orthodox clergymen standing by draped table and model of St.

      Michael's Cathedral] 

109. Icon - St. Michael's, 1942 [madonna and child]. 

110. Icon - Our Lady of Sitka [closer view of madonna and child]. 

111. St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska, 1942 [silhouette]. 

112. St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska, 1942 [similar to 111]. 

113. Bell - St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, 1942 [silhouetted in window]. 

114. St, Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, 1942 [exterior view]. 

115. St. Michael's - Sitka - 1942 [view up toward bell tower]. 

116. Sitka, Alaska - St. Michael's Cathedral, 1942 [cupola with Russian Orthodox cross,

      framed in window]. 

117. Clockworks [view of gears]. 

118. Interior of Belfry [wall and supports]. 

119. Belfry of church [St. Michael's Cathedral; exterior view looking up]. 

120. Bell [partial view]. 

121. Cupola (main)[of St. Michael's Cathedral]. 

122. Fishing boats near Angoon, 1943. 

123. Cooper Landing P.O., Kenai Ranger District, Chugach National Forest, 1950. 

124. Town Cemetery, Dyea, 1939 [two men looking at fenced graves]. 

125. Town Cemetery, Dyea, 1939 [monument for Mason]. 

126. Town Cemetery, Dyea, 1939 [wood marker for Wilbert Garfield Packard]. 

127. Dyea Townsite, 1939 [cabins in grassy area]. 

128. Dyea Townsite, 1939 [cabins in grassy area]. 

129. Dyea Townsite, 1939 [cabins in grassy area]. 

130. Elfin Cove, 1945 [boats in harbor and reflection, similar to 12]. 

131. Cabin, vicinity of Girdwood, Alaska, 1950 [close-up of log cabin]. 

132. Farm, Haines, Alaska, 1946 [farm,. silo and cow in field]. 

133. Farm, Haines, Alaska, 1946 [close view of building with silo]. 

134. Chilkoot Barracks, Haines, 1940 [from wharf]. 

135. Hoonah, Alaska, 1942 ...largest native village in southeast Alaska [similar to 23]. 

136. Hoonah - [Russian Orthodox] church on a cloudy day, 1942 [view toward water]. 

137. Hope, Alaska, 1949 [small boat in a field]. 

138a.Douglas Is. Ski Hut (Upper Ski Hut) in Ski Bowl, 1946 [snow-covered A-frame]. 

138b.Douglas Is. Ski Hut (Upper Ski Hut) in Ski Bowl, 1946 [looking past hut to valley]. 

139. Juneau Airport, Pan-Am plane, 1941. 

140. Winter scene - Auke Bay Recreation Shelter, Juneau, 1947. 

141. Juneau Glacier Highway.  Outlet of Auke Lake, late 1940's [bridge with

      Mendenhall Glacier in the background]. 

142. Juneau.  Outlet to Auke Lake, late 1940's [similar to 141]. 

143. Auke Lake with Mendenhall Glacier Reflection, 1940. 

144. Eagle River Flats, looking toward Lynn Canal, 1940. 

145. Eagle River Landing looking towards Lynn Canal, 1947. 

146. Mendenhall River, Juneau, Alaska, 1947 [with reflection]. 

147. Mendenhall Glacier taken from the parking lot, 1948. 

148. Mendenhall Glacier nest to parking lot, 1948. 

149. Mendenhall Glacier, 1946 [east side]. 

150. Mendenhall Glacier, 1946. 

151. Loop Road to Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, 1946. 

152. Glacier Loop Road, 1946 [similar to 151]. 

153. Mendenhall Glacier Informational Booth (built by C.C.C), east side of glacier,

      1948 [view from inside log shelter]. 

154. Mendenhall Glacier Informational Booth [and the glacier]. 

155. Mendenhall Glacier and parking lot in front built by the U.S. Forest Service,

      1948 [boy standing in foreground]. 

156. Mendenhall Glacier from Trail Bridge.  Brillhart twins, 1949 [two girls on bridge in

      Mendenhall Lake, looking at glacier]. 

157. Mendenhall Glacier and car in parking lot, 1948 [four people seated on log in front

      of glacier]. 

158. Mendenhall Glacier adjacent to parking lot.  Twin daughters of J. Brillhart, 1949

      [two girls standing at right]. 

159. Mendenhall Glacier, 1948.  Brillhart twins on trail around glacier [two girls at

      left, and glacier]. 

160. Mendenhall Glacier from Skater's Cabin, 1948.  Mary Brillhart on right. 

161 Mendenhall Glacier from Skater's Cabin, 1949 [cabin at left]. 

162. Juneau, Loop Road to Skater's Cabin.  Note U.S.F.S. Forest Boundary sign 1946

      [Mendenhall Glacier in background]. 

163. Skater's Cabin - Mendenhall Glacier, 1946 [Mary Brillhart silhouetted at left]. 

164. Skater's Cabin - winter. Mendenhall Glacier and frozen lake, 1947. 

165. Kenai Lake, 1950. 

166. Beaver Dam, Kenai Highway, 1950. 

167. Ketchikan. Totem Bight Community House (constructed by C.C.C.).  John H.

      Brillhart, U.S.F.S. Forest Supervisor of Admiralty Division of Tongass National

      Forest, 1945 [seated in doorway]. 

168. Totem Bight Community House, 1945 [Ketchikan]. 

169. Moose adjacent to Moose Pass Highway near Seward, 1949 [moose standing

      in pond]. 

170. [Moose in pond, Moose Pass Highway, 1949]. 

171. Sitka - homesite, 1947 [log and frame buildings next to road]. 

172. Alaska Inlet, Sitka, 1946 [scenic view over water]. 

173. Trolling boats, Olga Straits, 1946. 

174. Bay in vicinity of Sitka, 1941 [boats near point and reflection]. 

175. Navy YP 251 at Skagway dock, 1944. 

176. Skagway dock - "Princess" boat, 1943.

177. U.S.F.S. trail sign, Skagway, Alaska.  Manufactured by C.C.C.  1941. 

178. White Pass & Yukon railroad, 1947 [train on trestle over gorge]. 

179. White Pass & Yukon Railroad near White Pass, 1947 [circular log structure

      and building next to tracks]. 

180. White Pass & Yukon Railroad, 1947 [looking forward to engine]. 

181. White Pass & Yukon Railroad, 1947 [train in foreground passing through wide valley]. 

182. White Pass & Yukon Railroad climbing towards Pass, 1947 [looking forward to front

      of train entering tunnel]. 

183. White Pass & Yukon Railroad, 1947 [tracks and mountains]. 

184. White Pass & Yukon Railroad climbing towards pass on way from Skagway to

      Whitehorse, 1947 [train on trestle]. 

185. Taku Glacier, 1940 [glacier face from water]. 

186. Taku Glacier, 1940 [iceberg and face from water]. 

187. Turner Lake, Taku Inlet, 1940. 

188. Taku Glacier, Taku Inlet, 1940. 

189. Tee Harbor [near]Juneau, 1946 [mouth of harbor and Lynn Canal]. 

190. Tenakee Inlet, 1946 [view to water from inside boat shed]. 

191. Tenakee Inlet, 1946 [similar to 190]. 

192. Tenakee Inlet.  Abandoned cannery dock, 1946. 

193. Tenakee Inlet.  Pile driver, 1946 [distant view of equipment in water]. 

194. Tracy Arm, iceberg, 1940. 

195. Glacier ice, Tracy Arm, Alaska, 1940. 

196. Tracy Arm, Alaska.  North Sawyer Glacier, 1940. 

197. Tracy Arm, South Sawyer Glacier, 1940. 

198. Wrangell totems, 1941 [bare pole with three frog figures on crosspiece]. 

199. Wrangell totems, 1941 [looking up at two totem poles]. 

200. Russell Fiord, Yakutat, Alaska, 1940. 

201. U.S. Forest Service vessel, RANGER 7, was stationed in Sitka, 1941-1945.

      This picture was taken before World War II - color scheme was white and fire engine

      red.  During war it was colored gray.  1941. 

202. Satko's NOAH ARK, beached at Eagle River Landing [Amalga Harbor].  1948. 

203. Wreck of Steamer ISLANDER, 1940.  Sank at Gardner Point near Marmion Island

       in 1901 [wreck on beach]. 

204. [The GRIFFSON on the beach, 1940; stern view.] 

205. [Bow of GRIFFSON on beach, 1940.] 

206. [Cogs in a shipwreck, probably the ISLANDER.  1940.] 

207. [GRIFFSON and ISLANDER on beach, 1940.] 

208. [View across ISLANDER wreck to boat on water, 1940.] 

209. [Two people standing on beach at base of GRIFFSON wreck, 1940.] 

210. Alaska Homestead in S.E. Alaska on National Forest land, 1946. 

211. Sentinel Island Light [house], Lynn Canal, [Eldred Rock per patron 9/00] 1941. 

212. Alaska native woman and children aboard NORTH STAR, Bureau of Indian Affairs

      supply ship - wooden for breaking ice.  1940 [young woman with child on her back

      and holding the hand of another]. 

213. Bear tracks - Idaho Inlet, 1938 [in sand; Chichagof Island]. 

214. Hoonah Cemetery.  Gravestone, 1939.  chief Ting or Tin-C atta.  Died 1809. 

      Aged 70 years.  Arected (sic) by Geo. Marion (?). 

214a. Same as 214. 

215. View of Hoonah Cemetery, 1939. 

216. House at Hoonah Village, 1939. 

217. Hoonah Village, 1939 (Row of houses and alley). 

218. Hoonah Gravesites, 1939 (totem poles and graves).

219. Gravestone, 1939.  John Hooston, May 29, 1934, age 65. 

220. Totem at Hoonah, 1939.  Located at the cemetery. 

221. Headstone, Hoonah cemetery, 1939 (blurred view of totem headstone). 

222. View from Harbor Mountain, Sitka, Alaska. 

223. Auk Lake and Mendenhall Glacier and Fireweed (1944). 

224. View of Tee Harbor and Brillhart twins, 1944. 

225. Sitka, Alaska, Mt. Edgecumbe and Sitka Sound from Halibut Point Road. 

226. Forest Service RANGER 7 on patrol in Glacier Bay National Monument -

      Park Service lacked transportation so U.S. Forest Service patrolled this for them. 

227. View of icebergs while on patrol - Glacier Bay National Monument. 

228. Photo showing part of Chief Keeks-sady Totem Pole.  Showing double Eagle

      Pole located on Sitka Dock site. 

228a. [Same as 228, but black and white view.] 




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1from Sitka and glacier Bay Branch of the Mt. McKinley Natural History Association U.S. National Park Service, SITKA NATIONAL MONUMENT, ALASKA, VISITOR'S GUIDE, August 1964.




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