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Ho, Y.S. and McKay, G. (1998), Kinetic model for lead(II) sorption on to peat. Adsorption Science & Technology, 16 (4), 243-255.

Document type: Article

Language: English

Cited references: 23

Times cited: 112

Times self cited: 15

Abstract: The kinetics of lead sorption on to peat have been investigated. The batch sorption model, based on the assumption of a pseudo-second order mechanism, has been developed to predict the rate constant of sorption, the equilibrium capacity and initial sorption rate with the effect of initial lead(II) concentration, peat particle size and temperature. An equilibrium capacity of sorption has been evaluated with the pseudo-second order rate equation. In addition, an activation energy of sorption has also been determined based on the pseudo-second order rate constants.

Keywords: Waste-Water, Removal, Adsorption, Adsorbents, Ions

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