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[A = female announcer; M = Margo Edmonds; W = Dr. Max Walker; S = Simon Grant (Australia)]

A: Good morning, and welcome to “Psychology and You.” Today we’re here with Dr. Max Walker of the Chapman Institute to talk about dreams. What do your dreams mean? What can they tell us? Call us if you’ve got a dream to share, at 555-8787. Thank you for being with us today, Dr. Walker.

W: My pleasure.

A: Our first caller is Margo Edmonds. Go ahead, Margo.

M: Good morning, Dr. Walker.

W: Hello, Margo. So you’ve got a dream to tell us about?

M: Yes, I do... Well, for about two weeks, I’ve been having this dream that I’m falling.

W: Mm-hmm.

M: Night after night, it’s the same thing: I’m falling into a dark, endless tunnel.

W: I see.

M: There’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop falling. I feel so helpless—it’s really terrifying.

W: Of course.

M: When I wake up, my heart is pounding. The dream always shakes me up. I mean, I have this nervous, worried feeling for the rest of the day—as if something terrible is about to happen.

W: Is there something in particular, Margo, that you’ve been worried about in the last month or so?

M: Well, I’m not really sure... Well... come to think of it, yes. I have exams coming up, and... I guess I’m really nervous that I won’t pass them.

W: Well, Margo, it’s possible that your dream expresses your fear of failure and your insecurity about the exams.

M: Are you sure? I think the dream is telling me that I’m going to fail the exams.

W: No, not at all. Don’t ever take a dream as a sign that something bad or good is about to happen. It’s just a dream. However, it could mean that you’re afraid that something terrible will happen. Our dreams just reflect what is going on inside us.

M: Well, that’s a relief. Thank you, Dr. Walker.

A: Good luck on your exams, Margo! Our next caller is Simon Grant.

S: Hello, Dr. Walker.

W: Hi, Simon. How are you?

S: Doing very well. Thanks.

W: So, Simon, you’ve got a dream you want to tell us about?

S: I sure do. Last night I had this incredible dream. I was flying like a bird.

W: Wow! That’s great.

S: I have no idea where I was, but the view was absolutely fantastic.

W: I’ll bet.

S: And the higher I flew, the more beautiful it was. It put me in a great mood.

W: Nice!

S: When I woke up, I felt really optimistic! Anyway, I can’t help thinking it’s a sign that something good is going to happen.

W: Whoa! I don’t want to disappoint you, Simon. That was a terrific dream, but just as I told Margo, dreams don’t predict the future.

S: Oh.

W: However, they can reflect how we’re feeling about things at the moment. Have you experienced something recently that you really feel good about?

S: Well... as a matter of fact, I got a big promotion at work last week.

W: Aha!

S: I can’t wait to get started.

W: Well, Simon, that might explain your dream.

S: How’s that?

W: You’re happy about your success and excited about your new responsibilities. Your dream may just be an expression of how you feel about your life right now.

S: Oh, that makes sense. Thanks, Dr. Walker. That’s very interesting.

A: Well, that’s about all the time we have this week. Thanks, Dr. Walker.

W: Thank you.


Conversation 1

M: Listen to this—a way to make big money in just two weeks.

F: Uh ... That sounds too good to be true.

M: No, really. They send you a list of names and addresses. You just send the last person on the list ten dollars and then add your name to the list.

F: And...

M: ... And then someone gets your list and the money starts rolling in.

F: That’s such an obvious get-rich-quick scam. You’re not going to fall for that, are you?

M: Well, I suppose you’re right—it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Conversation 2 [F = Brazil]

F: Honestly, they must think people will believe anything!

M: What are you talking about?

F: This company has a method for learning a language while you sleep. That’s impossible!

M: I wouldn’t be so sure. Actually, it’s very possible. There was something on the news just the other day... a group of students learned the basics of Russian in just one week, in a sleep-learning lab.

F: For real? Maybe we should get some more information. Might be a fun way to learn French!

Conversation 3 [M = Pakistan]

F: Here’s something I’d realty like to try!

M: What is that?

F: A speed-reading course. They can train you to read a 200- page book in an hour!

M: I don’t know. I find that kind of hard to believe. I mean, I’ve heard of improving your reading speed, but 200 pages in one hour—it just doesn’t seem likely that anyone could do that.

F: Yeah ... it does sound a bit much.

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