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To the Rescue

Let’s Go Investigate!


In the country, it’s so peaceful.

Rural places are so great.

We’ll see farms and open spaces.

Let’s go investigate! 

In the city, it’s so noisy.

Urban places are so great

We can walk through friendly neighborhoods.

Let’s go investigate! 

Astronauts in Orbit

(She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain) 

Daring astronauts

Ascend to outer space.

While in orbit, they explore

That strange new place.

They learn new things every day.

Oh, our Earth looks far away.

When they descend,

Each one has a happy face. 

Tranquil Nights

(Auld Lang Syne) 

Camping out is lots of fun.

We love the tranquil nights.

Gaze at a galaxy of stars

Away from city lights. 

We might see wildlife like deer,

And hear spring peepers peep,.

Curled up inside our sleeping bags,

We’ll get a good night’s sleep. 

The Arid Desert

(Billy Boy) 

Oh, where do you live,

Lizard, Owl, Snake, and Hawk?

Oh, where do you live,

Mouse and Cactus? 

In the arid desert land,

Where the ground is golden sand.

It’s a landform without precipitation. 

Where to Inquire

(Take Me Out to the Ball Game) 

Everybody has questions.

Some are big; some are small.

How does a sturdy oak grow so high?

Spiders spin delicate webs. How and why? 

Never be afraid to inquire.

Just ask someone who might know.

Or go look it up in a book.

Watch your smart self grow. 

To the Rescue!

(My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) 

When you see a friend who’s in trouble

And facing a hazard or two,

Then run to get help on the double.

Your friend will be counting on you. 

Cal 9-1-1,

Or find an adult who knows what to do.

You’ll be helping

To make a courageous rescue. 


(Yankee Doodle) 

Come on, teammates, let’s go play!

We’ve got a team to beat.

Our pumped-up spirit helps us win.

We know how to compete. 

We all contribute to the team—

Skill and inspiration.

And even though we work real hard,

For us it’s recreation. 

Turtle, Turtle

(Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) 

Turtle, Turtle, please respond.

Who can inhabit your small pond?

Is there room enough to share

With Beaver, Chipmunk, Fox, and Hare?

Resolve the conflict. Please respond.

Yes, you all can share my pond. 

A Partnership with You

(My Darling Clementine) 

Had a problem,

Had a problem,

Tried to solve it on my own

Couldn’t find a good solution,

So I called you on the phone. 

Solved my problem,

Solved my problem.

Thank you, Friend, for all you do.

What is good for my survival

Is a partnership with you. 


(Row, Row Row Your Boat) 

Every holiday

Is fun to celebrate.

Our friends and family

   gather ‘round.

We all participate. 

Everyone brings food.

The table’s set to dine

We share good times

   and laughter too,

Holidays are fine. 

Unique Inventions

(Over the River and Through the Woods) 

Some great inventors get bright ideas

Each day of the week.

They use them to build gadgets that

Are useful and unique. 

Two heads are better than one, they say.

A sidekick can help too,

When working to construct something

Original and new. 

Letters from Me

(The More We Get Together) 

I correspond with good friends

By sending them letters.

How much is the postage

For letters from me?

The postal crews sort them

And then they transport them

To people who are waiting for letters from me. 

Clever Little Fishies

(The Itsy, Bitsy Spider) 

Clever little fishies,

Hear what I have to say.

Someone’s always looking

At you as their prey. 

Be shrewd, little fishies,

Don’t go for that bait,

Or someone will consume you

On their dinner plate. 

Generous Friends

(Take Me Out to the Ball Game) 

Is what you have so abundant,

That you have more than you need?

What are some ways that you can share?

Generous friends want to show that they care. 

Is there a way to assist friends?

Do you have an idea or two?

And when you need something from friends,

They will share with you. 

What Can a Peanut Be?

(Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?) 

Oh what, oh what can a peanut be

Besides a peanut so true?

Did you know that you can process it

To make shaving cream and shampoo? 

Oh what, oh what can a peanut be?

Just excel in new ways to think.

With a little research, a peanut becomes

Paper, milk, and ink. 

Favorite, Old Things

(Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star) 

These are all my favorite things:

Grandma’s doll, Aunt Mary’s rings.

Grandpa’s sweater, Dad’s old hat,

Mommy’s sled, Great Uncle’s bat.

I preserve these things with pride.

So I want them by my side. 

I think objects that are old

Are more valuable than gold.

All the treasures here with me

Represent a memory.

It doesn’t matter where I roam.

My treasures help me feel at home. 

An Annual Event

(I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad) 

Plants adapt to all conditions.

They grow everywhere.

All they need is rain and sunlight,

Good nutrients and air. 

Plants are fun to watch all summer,

Changing as they grow.

It’s an annual event that

Makes a lovely show. 

Tadpole Transformation

(Take Me Out to the Ball Game) 

Tadpoles are funny creatures.

They are not what they seem.

They have long tails

That they can swish.

You might say that

They look just like fish.

But appearance

Sometimes can fool you.

Tadpoles transform with age.

When they grow up,

They will be frogs.

They’re just in a stage. 

We Are Moving

(My Darling Clementine) 

We are moving


Oh, what a sudden change.

We’ll adjust to many new things,

Then it will not feel so strange. 

Here’s a landmark

To guide us.

It helps us know our way.

Our new home is a fine home.

It will be so nice to stay.

Changing Conditions 

(This Old Man)

Weather her is so strange.

Every new day brings a change.

Yesterday we had

A terrifying storm.

Now today it’s nice and warm. 

Weather’s hard to predict.

Even forecasters get tricked.

No condition ever

Stays the same for long.

Some days everyone is wrong. 

The Firefighting Team

(The Farmer in the Dell)

There goes the fire truck

It’s going on a run.

It takes a lot of good teamwork

To get the big job done. 

Roger drives the truck.

He knows just where it goes.

And Anna is responsible

For hooking up the hose. 

The firefighters work

To get the job done right.

Our whole community feels safe

Morning, noon, and night 

Love, Love Animals

(Home on the Range)

Oh, animals need

Help from us to succeed,

So we give them protection and care.

We need to protect

And also respect

Each rabbit, dog, tiger and bear. 

Love, love animals,

The tame and the wild ones both.

We all need to learn

To show our concern.

Protection and care help their growth.

Obedience School

(I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad) 

I just got a brand new puppy.

He is really great.

Bet he has a little problem—

He won’t cooperate! 

I can change that dog’s behavior.

I’ll take him to school.

Then he’ll be obedient and

Follow every rule. 


(If You’re Happy and You Know It) 

If you have some friends

That you appreciate,

Never miss a chance

To say that they are great. 

Show respect for what they do.

They will do the same for you.

‘Cause good friends are people who


Best Judgment

(My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean) 

We all try to use our best judgment.

Each citizen tries to be good.

But all of us make mistakes sometimes,

And don’t do the things that we should. 

When that happens,

Be responsible and be wise.

Tell what you did,

And then apologize. 

An Athlete’s Challenge

(On Top of Old Smokey) 

When you’re an athlete

And part of a team,

Each game is a challenge;

Each win is a dream. 

You make your best effort.

You love to hear cheers.

It’s what other athletes

Have done through the years. 

Our Flag, Our Symbol

(Row, Row, Row Your Boat) 

Our flag, our symbol

Of a great country.

It stands for independence,

And it says that we are free. 

Everyone of us

Shares its history.

We love our flag,

Its stars and stripes.

It stands for you and me. 

Family Tradition

(The More We Get Together) 

Tradition is important

To all kinds of cultures.

Tradition is important

To family groups too.

Each group celebration

And each conversation

And every family custom

Unites us like glue. 

Occupation:  Cowboy

(If You’re Happy and You Know It) 

Oh, a cowboy’s occupation

Was so tough.

He drove cattle down the trail.

It was rough.

Oh, the livestock could be frisky,

And the cliate made things risky,

What a hard-working cowboy,

Sure enough. 

Festival Time

(Do Your Ears Hang Low?) 

There’s a festival.

Please come along with me.

We’ll attend a ceremony.

Thre’s a lot to do and see.

We can learn about a culture.

What a fun time it will be

At the festival. 

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