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Revising: Needless and misused commas

Revising: Needless and misused commas

Revise the following sentences to eliminate needless or misused commas. If a sentence is already correct as given, circle the number preceding it. Answers to starred items appear at the end of the book.


Aquifers can be recharged by rainfall, but, the process is slow.

Aquifers can be recharged by rainfall, but the process is slow.

*1. An important source of water, is underground aquifers.

*2. Underground aquifers are deep, and sometimes broad layers of water, that are trapped between layers of rock.

*3. Porous rock, or sediment holds the water.

*4. Deep wells drilled through the top layers of solid rock, produce a flow of water.

*5. Such wells are sometimes called, artesian wells.

6. One of the largest aquifers in North America, the Ogallala aquifer, is named after the Ogallala Indian tribe, which once lived in the region and hunted buffalo there.

7. The Ogallala aquifer underlies a region from western Texas through northern Nebraska, and has a huge capacity of fresh water, that is contained in a layer of sand and gravel.

8. But, the water in the Ogallala is being removed at a rate faster than it is being replaced.

9. Water is pumped from the aquifer for many purposes, such as, drinking and other household use, industrial use, and, agricultural use.

10. The great plains area above the Ogallala, often lacks enough rainfall for the crops, that are grown there.

11. As a consequence, the crops in the great plains are watered by irrigation systems, that pump water from the Ogallala, and distribute it from half-mile-long sprinkler arms.

12. Scientists estimate that, at the present consumption rate the Ogallala will be depleted in forty years.

13. Water table levels are receding from six inches to three feet a year, the amount depending on location.

14. Some areas are experiencing water shortages already, and the pumping continues.

15. Without federal regulation and conservation, the Ogallala will one day, be depleted.

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